It is that time again

Dear Editor,

Re: Developments for Savai’i

It is that time again my beloved Samoa.

It is that time of the election cycle folks!

It’s that time for me and my H.R.P.P. friends to make empty promises to you my lowest uneducated loyal subjects.

It is time I start making the same proclamation every few years to strike fear in your heart. If I can’t put fear in you, I will pay your high chief which happens to be on my payroll to set you straight.

It is that time of the year where I make you believe that I care about you and your family. It is that time of the year when my H.R.P.P. gangstas and I make promises about hope and progress that I will never deliver on.

It is that time of the year when we start feeling out which village chief can be bought with a box of herring to do my dirty bidding for me and my gang.

It is that time when I can call on my snitches (spies) to inform us of any potential opposition party candidate so we can start building a case to have them thrown out of the ballot a week before the election.

It is time for my mates and I to start making new laws to guarantee us another successful election. Even if it means I spend all of the government’s money to payoff all the Pulenu’u and Faipule of each district.

Samoa belongs under my ruling. Therefore the election is a mere formality. The election is my personal joke that I play every election cycle on all of you my beloved Samoa.

I have been the dictator of Samoa for nearly 30 years and counting. I need to have an election so other country can continue to give me money. 

It is that time again when I can start making promises to distract you while I sell your land and the future or our people to any and all Foreign Country that wants a piece of our land.

Continue to believe whatever that comes out of my mouth as you always have Samoa. You can vote against me and my party if you want. But it will be no avail. 

I have all the judges in my pocket for once. Second, I created this judicial system. I can add laws that favor me and my H.R.P.P. cohorts. Or I can remove laws that may inadvertently favor another person or group.

It is that time again my beloved Samoa.


T. Leone

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