Samoan model's big breakthrough

By S.S.F.S. 02 April 2017, 12:00AM

Samoa Sinnet Fashion Show (S.S.F.S) model, Farrell Keil signs contract with N.Z. modelling agency, Red 11

At first glance, he has that Hollywood face, chiseled jaw, great hair with the height to match.

But there’s much more to this handsome Samoan than meets the eye. 

Born and raised in Samoa, Farrell Keil never thought seriously about modelling until after he joined Samoa Sinnet Fashion Show in 2016. 

In fact, he was quite a shy guy!

“I’ve learnt to be confident, to always be on time, and to always do your best.”

We first met Farrell when his mother brought him and his two siblings, Aris and Seloa Keil to our first audition. 

From a mile away, you can see he has the x factor, that old Hollywood feel, a face we can easily see in blockbuster movies and spread across glossy magazine covers. 

Today, he has made the impossible for some, very possible!

Farell and 60 other models went through six weeks of modelling workshops leading up to the first Samoa Sinnet Fashion Show. 

In the end, he was one of the most highly demanded models on the catwalk and he’s been given more dreams to pursue.

We are so excited to announce that one of ours is now officially signed by the Red11 modelling agency, a pre-eminent model and talent agency in New Zealand, where he’s also studying to become a music producer and DJ.

It’s not surprising with an artistic mother, Adele Keil, a business focused father, Kyle Keil and supportive siblings, this beautiful soul will go far. 

This will pave the way for many more aspiring models from Samoa to join the elite world of international models. 

When we first put out a model call, Samoa was not ready for it. It was a strange thing to get any young person to come forward and be a model; it was just not done in Samoa. 

The response from our young people including Farrell was very inspiring. 

Samoa does not have a modelling agency, before S.S.F.S. there wasn’t an annual fashion show of this calibre, a platform to promote local emerging/established designers, models, hair dressers, photographers, makeup artists and anyone wanting to get involved in such an event.

 This year, it’s a different story. We have well over 100 aspiring models registered for S.S.F.S.17 before auditions. It’s an amazing start to another year of Fashion in Samoa.

Who knows? We might have another Farrell Keil or Gisele Bundchen in the next lot.

Thank you Farrell for representing Samoa and we are extremely proud of you! O ou mama na! Here’s the young man himself sharing his experiences with us:


First off, how did you get discovered and signed by Red 11 modelling agency?

I was at work serving a customer, who was a good friend of the ladies working for Red 11. She gave me her details to contact her as soon as possible. I sent my story, a couple of photos and that’s how it came to be.


Tell us about your best memory of S.S.F.S:

The show becoming a big success in the end.


How did you know about S.S.F.S?

Through word of mouth in Samoa and decided to become apart of this historic event for Samoa.


What did you learn from being a model at the S.S.F.S?

To be confident, to always be on time, and to always do your best.


What you wish you knew before you first started out?

I wish I knew the basics on how to walk on the catwalk before hand, that way I would’ve been more confident at the start.


Most grateful for:

The instructors and fashion designers for investing their time in us, and for all the new friendships that have developed from other models.


Colour that best describes you:

Hazel Green.


The best part about being a model

Always learning something new each day, and that every day is never the same.


Did you model for other fashion shows before S.S.F.S?

I modelled for RUPI in Samoa, E.F.K.S Hall a while back.


Would you recommend S.S.F.S to other aspiring models?

I highly recommend people across Samoa to start modelling with S.S.F.S, but only if you really believe you have what it takes.


Advice for aspiring models:

Be confident, be yourself, and do your very best.


More modeling jobs after S.S.F.S

Yes, I’ve was hired for Eveni photo shoots and Billboard ads for Bluesky.


Biggest challenge as an aspiring model

Thinking that I’m not good enough, so I put myself down more than I think. I’m trying to overcome that.


The next step for you and will you continue to model?

I would love to continue to model for any photoshoots, fashion shows and acting roles. I will be more then willing to join.


One thing people misunderstand about you

A lot of people are quick to judge negatively about me just at first glance, without giving the chance to start a proper conversation.


You believe in…

God and Love.


What do you want to be remembered for?

I’d like to be remembered by my achievements, my love and passion for my aspirations,and for being a unique person.


You wish someone asked ...

Why am I the way that I am?


More fun facts about you…

I play rugby, I go to the gym, I eat healthy and I love music. I went to RLSS School, Auckland University of Technology (AUT), Hult International Business School (London).

Remember his name: Farrell Keil. He will be a household name coming to a catwalk or a movie screen near you soon! To register a model for 2017 SSFS, go to their Facebook page “Samoa Sinnet Fashion Show”


By S.S.F.S. 02 April 2017, 12:00AM

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