When you insult my faith

Re: About creation

You’re such a hypocrite. You insult my faith, then you say I insult you. 

I answered every charge you made, then you become disingenuous and repeat the same argument, typical of you heathens when your arguments start to fall apart. 

By the way, coffee has more caffeine then coke, not good for your heart. Also, coffee has carcinogens, which is why in America, Starbucks and other businesses are required to warn consumers of the risk of consuming coffee and other coffee containing products. 

It’s against church teachings to drink coffee, and what I’ve stated above about the risks may very well be the reason for our abstinence from drinking coffee. 

After all, it was Joseph Smith who said it was revealed to him through revelation that coffee is not for the body. Wow, how did an uneducated farm boy in the American frontier know carcinogens in coffee is not for you? 

Scientists found this out more than a century after Smith’s death. Smith beat the experts by more than a century. 

Lastly, your Mormon friend is not ignorant, you are. The church says to use wisdom; otherwise, it’s not against church teachings to drink coke. 

Like I said, genius, it’s up to the individual to drink coke or not. See why it seems I’m insulting you? Because I keep repeating myself when you become disingenuous.



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