Which one is the best?

Dear Editor,

Listening and watching the Islam leader’s interview on TV was a bit of a laugh. That came from his answer to one of the questions in which he brought up “Crime’s ACT” which prohibited anyone to enter someone else’s property without permission or of religion purposes.

It makes sense in terms of the messenger don’t have any right to the property owned by someone else.

But which one is the best? A Crimes Act which included policies, guidelines and regulations created by a ‘man’ OR follow Jesus Christ’s ask to “Go ye in every nations, every tongue and teach the gospel (from home to home) and baptise them in the name of the Father, of the Spirit and of the Holy Ghost”? 

If your answer will be that man-made Crime’s Act, Sir “You worship a MAN NOT JESUS”. Did the Saviour of the world hide God’s teachings while on his mission? NO. Those Jehovah Witnesses, LDS missionaries and few knocked on the world’s doors are not just an Act of Love and Faith to help God’s children everywhere but also doing what Jesus commanded us to do as recorded in the Bible. 

Again, you brought that Crimes ACT because it goes along with your Business Rules, (don’t preach or share what you believe) BUT a true follower of Jesus Christ must be a missionary church. 

Somehow, policies about Church Policies must be reviewed by God-fearing people (NOT $ fearing people) and must goes along with the teachings in the scriptures. 

Or otherwise Islams, Muslims or whatever uses that gap and other gaps to jump in with the aid of a portion of their $35 mills (and other countless mills) in which their leader was fighting for to run their business in Samoa. 

UapopolegaikagakaKelisiago I le vasti o gakagakagapasiakulafogo ma kakalaigaavagoa I galokupisigisi.Leai se vaaimamao, fofokaimigeimagu o ao, geifaakei Samoa e se mea makaukia o kaguilemoaga.



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