By Layton Lolo 23 May 2016, 12:00AM

Moments of laughter

Flow through the mind

Moments of happiness

Times true and kind


Looking around to smiling faces

This is where I belong

Telling jokes and making others grin with delight

These are the things that make me strong


Strong enough to stand

Stand when the world breaks your knees

To move on when the world holds you back

To be able to smile in a time of need


To uplift another’s soul

When hard times strike

 To be a crying shoulder

That supports with all its might


Smiling is good for the heart

But laughing is good for the soul

It completes us in what we are

It makes us whole


Laugh with the ones you truly love

Cause those are the moments you don’t want to miss

And in those moments you’ll start to think

“It doesn’t get better than this.”

 Picture this, you’re sitting in your family living room one evening right when the orange light from the fading sun shines bright in the sky and through the windows of your home.  The lights are on and you are telling your family members a really funny joke. 

And when you finish the joke and say the punch line, everyone bursts out laughing.  Then someone falls to the floor because they were laughing so hard.  Then a brother or sister starts pointing and laughing at the fallen family member causing more laughter. 

At that moment you smile to yourself and think, “It can’t get better than this!”  These are the memories that I keep with me every day so I don’t forget the feelings I experienced.

I pride myself in being called ‘the comedian’ of the family.  I make my family laugh and smile when we need a little joy to add to the day’s trials.  One professional comedian that my family relates me too which is also my idol and king of role models, the amazing Jack Black. 

I love his work and the movies he has made that just make you crack up so much you quote that whole movie for years and years, just like his movie, ‘Nacho Libre.’  That movie is my most favorite comedy film ever.

Another thing in my life that relates to that film is the nick name my friends at school gave me.  I have no idea how it started but one day my friends began calling me nacho and yelled it at me whenever they saw me at school. 

It was meant to be a little tease towards me but secretly I enjoy being called that.  I get to have the nick name of nacho that my idol created!  Awesome!

I also at times am called ‘Kung Fu Panda’ or ‘Po’ by friends and family, and again I enjoy it.  But that’s enough about me and more on my reason for saying this.  I like being called all those things because it just means to me that I’m a funny and like-able guy. 

And in turn it gives me the acknowledgement that I make people smile and laugh and they appreciate it.  I bet your wondering where I’m going with this, aren’t you?  Well I’m simply saying that the feeling you get from making others smile or laugh is always a rush of happiness. 

So I guess you could say that if you give happiness you get some back in return.

So learn to laugh!  Learn to smile even if your day or week has been the worst.  One motto that my older brother made up that goes along with this so perfectly is, “Smile it could be worse!”  If we laugh or make someone else laugh when we think we can’t, it really, truly and most definitely will lighten your load and brighten you day, and this is someone speaking from experience people!

So show the world your beautiful smile and happy laugh.  Remember, a laugh a day makes it all okay.  

Learn to laugh and grin for the better.

By Layton Lolo 23 May 2016, 12:00AM

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