The truth about Samoa

Dear Editor,

Malo Samoa Observer. I note with interest the attack by the Prime Minister on the Samoa Observer.

The truth is that there is so much corruption in govt starting from the very top it’s not even funny.

No one should be this powerful in govt. The fact that this little island has leaders who can change their policies to keep them in power indefinitely is a mockery to the citizens of this little island. 

Of course we all know who they are, which is why no one can vote him out. 

These people are shameless and arrogant. There is a reason why so many Chinese have migrated to this island in a record number lately. 

Small businesses owned by locals can’t compete against these Chinese owned mom n pops because they’re owned by a group of Chinese not just one owner. They import goods paying much less in taxes with their gross margin sky high.

They got here about 5 to 7 years ago calling their friends and families in China to organize and another group of them then arrives on our shores under the same policy this govt. put forth. 

This policy has handcuffed our small businesses and most business people are aware of this but can’t do anything because their businesses will be affected. Chinese people are aggressive, smart, arrogant and rude and will always be ahead because those are not in a Samoan D.N.A. 

Samoa is looking more and more like Fiji. I visit Samoa at least once or twice a year and on one of my flights from Boston connecting in Nadi to Apia the flight attendant asked those getting off in Apia to raise their hands and almost all of them that had their hands up were Chinese and one of them was sitting next to me. 

I was so upset so I turned to the guy next to me and asked why they were getting off in Apia and his answer floored me. We live there and have been for 5 years.

Him and his wife and child went back to China to visit families and brought back 5 other families to start their businesses in Samoa. This is what’s happening to our small businesses, which is why they can’t compete. Thanks to this P.M. and his government.

Stella S.

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