Father shares his regret

By Nefertiti Matatia 17 November 2017, 12:00AM

There are consequences for every bad decision we make.

For Laina Ete from Nu’u, his alcohol addiction cost him the most valuable treasure in life – his family.

“My wife and my four children left me because I was not able to control my desire for alcohol,” he said.

Talking to the Village Voice team yesterday, he said his addiction to alcohol meant that he would never be able to get his family back.

The 44-year-old believes that fathers are called and chosen to be leaders and good examples within a family but with his poor choices, he now lives alone.

“I never realized the weight of my calling as a father until I lost my family,” he said. 

“We as fathers must teach and nurture our children with love and not show them terrible examples as in being a drunkard.”

Mr. Laina said he deeply regretted what he had done because now he would not be able to see his children grow and he had also lost the greatest gift in life, which was to be able to fellowship together as family.

He added family was what kept us going through every trial and every struggle we encountered in life, despite peoples view because at the end of the day, your family’s opinion is what matters the most.

Mr. Laina advises all fathers in Samoa to not let your worldly desires get the best of you and never think that alcohol would make you happy because it will cost you everything.

“I wish I was like some of the fathers who are able to go home to a house that is filled with all their loved ones. Look at me now I thought that alcohol was the key to happiness but sadly it was not I have lost my biggest treasure and that is my family. 

“So to all the fathers who are addicted to alcohol, stop before it is too late,” he said.

Mr. Laina sells coconuts and his plantation provides for him.

He said he could have had a different life if he still had his family but he needed to face the consequences of his actions.

By Nefertiti Matatia 17 November 2017, 12:00AM

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