Woman shares her story

By Pai Mulitalo Ale 05 April 2016, 12:00AM

A young woman claiming to have suffered stigmata told her story during a special mass held in Apia last week.

Toaipuapuaga Opapo, 23, was speaking during a mass held at the Catholic Cathedral in Apia, when she reminded that heaven and hell are real. 

Two weeks before Easter, she said she saw a vision. 

“I was uncertain and I asked God to show me what will happen on Easter Friday,” she said. 

A day before Easter, Toa said she had another vision.

“I was alone in a dark forest, the trees were all dried,” she said. “I don’t remember who I was with and what I was doing there.” 

Toa said she sat under a big tree waiting for someone to come looking for her, and then it started to rain. 

“I was cold and I was afraid.” 

She then tried to find a river because that will be her only way to find her way back to her family. 

“When I was getting near a river, I saw a reflection of someone with a veil over the head. I started to get scared, and I prayed to God. I asked him why is he abandoning me?

“There was part of me saying to just give up but on the other side there was something saying no God will save me.” 

Toa said she saw a light and a hand reach down to her. She believes it was Jesus’ hand.

On Good Friday, Toa said she was getting ready for Sunday school when she noticed the changes in her body.

 “To be honest if I had not seen this vision, I will never show my face,” said Ms Opapo. 

While she was sitting in church, her mother told her that her forehead was bleeding.

“I was happy to have received these signs,” she said. 

During her ordeal, there was a moment that she passed out.

She said God took her through hell and let her see the suffering people will endure if they don’t change their ways.

“People in hell are calling out for help, begging Jesus to save them, but there is nothing that can be done,” said Ms Opapo. 

 “God also took me to heaven, he let me see how magnificent that place is.”

She said she saw a gate guarded by angels with the book of life. 

“I hear angels singing, there was laughter, there was happiness everywhere, children sitting on clouds, everything was white,” she claimed. 

“I cried and thought to myself I am not ready to leave my family.”

It was at that point that she regained consciousness. 

“When I woke up, they were crying around me at church,” she said. “I burst into tears when I heard my father praying to God that if His will is to take me, he will accept it with all his heart.” 

Toa said she cried because her parents were ready to let go of her.

But she believes it is not her time to go yet.

 “God returned me to my earth with a mission to spread His Word that there is heaven and there is hell, and to save the lost souls.” 

By Pai Mulitalo Ale 05 April 2016, 12:00AM
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