Government lacks leadership qualities

Dear Editor,

Re: What dictatorship?

 Samoa is a democracy 

The present Deputy P.M. was among a few decent members of H.R.P.P’s opposition side in the Fono. They effectively held the P.M’s feet to the fire with his policies. 

A group Tuilaepa was fully aware of and why he chose Fiame as D.P.M. (keep your friends close and your enemies closer). 

When she was offered the position by Tuilaepa, after the last election, (an enticement she couldn’t resist) she left her friends. 

These agai folks were effectively stripped of any leadership positions with the present Fono. 

(The last D.P.M is a good example of that stripping). 

Fiame could have been an effective voice to challenge crooked policies and set things straight, helping the country. 

However, she left her former H.R.P.P cohorts to the difficult task e agai le pulega a Tuilaepa, along with a few elected Tautua members, as we speak. 

They are effectively outnumbered. 

One may say, ...but that’s politics! 

Sure it is, providing a win-win for Samoa and its people is a common goal, a focus of the government’s policies. It is not. 

The honorable D.P.M is aware of the corrupt politics; she opposed them in the past. What she will do now for Samoa is anyone’s guess. 

But it is my prayer, she, being of excellent stock, and an astute woman in the inside circle, will do right by Samoa. 

If she does not, then herein lies the problem. Power corrupts absolutely, resulting in a complete lack of empathy with the struggle of the Aiga, the people of Samoa. 

Ua leai se Alofa, Fa’amaoni ma se toe Fa’amoemoeina. (Love, honesty and trust all lost} The present government, lacking these required leadership qualities, have completely violated the people’s trust. 

What is a people to do? E alofa le Samoa ae le valea.


Asipau McMoore

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