Healthy Samoans

Re: Samoa coconut cluster 

Yes. The Samoan people were healthy when they ate a traditional diet that relied heavily on coconuts and coconut products and it wasn’t until the Samoan people were told by companies like Nestles that according to their studies the Samoan people would be healthier if they ate white people food and fed their babies Nestles baby formula instead of mothers milk. 

That’s when diabetics, cancer, obesity, and all the other health problems Samoans are facing today set in. 

Keep producing that coconut oil and don’t go into partnership with any foreign multinationals. All Samoans abroad buy up all the coconut oil and tell all your friends as well. 

Locally the government of Samoa can start erecting signs including at the airport to support our local coconut farmers and the Samoan coconut oil industry. 

You know it’s going to be lucrative if the wealthy countries are starting to grumble about it. 

That’s how we can resist these global capitalists who want to harm Samoa fledgling coconut oil producing industry. 

From overseas Look for products produced in Samoa or other poor countries that still own their coconut production. Maybe Fiji.

I’m not sure if they sold out but check it out and if not buy Fiji too and any other small island nation that still has control over this obviously valuable resource. Act now your taro industry is probably doomed.



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