Political value

Dear Editor,

I want to point out that the political system and economy are two different strains of the same. The entire economy is run on a market driven focus. The political system is run symptomatic communism. 

The money rules China. It is about Power and who controls that power within the one party system. Like Samoa. The power increases to the top. It’s a set up for a leader that cares less. 

Which makes great crashes bringing Wars. China is looking for a country to strike- natural resources they can buy. Strategic value is more their focus.




What really happens


Dear Editor,


Re: What they want for Samoa

Yes they are called structural adjustment payments and basically the I.M.F forces the poor nation to stop all social funding such as for health, education, infrastructure for hospitals and roads until the poor country pays their debt. 

The poor countries can often only manage to pay the interest to the I.M.F and the money-lenders making the profit and the poor country poorer. 

The people of the poorer countries suffer tremendously under these draconian structural adjustment measures that are forced on them by wealthy investors. What happens if the poor country can’t pay? 

They lose their land, and resources and their people lose their lives, autonomy and dignity. 

No more loans from the I.M.F and they downgrade your credit rating until your doomed. I hate the I.M.F.



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