The taxing of wages

Re: Church, taxes and Head of State 

I don’t agree in taxing wages because we’ve already been taxed several times with everything we buy. 

You go to the stores, you get taxed, to get gas or petrol you get taxed, you get taxed from stocks bonds and every investment you make, even when you die you get to pay estate taxes.

The bible’s justification of paying taxes on wages because a fictional character named Jesus said so is nothing more than a political and economic stunt usurped by the Babylonian mother church of Rome for the enslavement of the world.

Perpetuating his coming in the “flesh” to save mankind is the biggest fraud there is. Man needs to save himself through knowledge and understanding. We need to wake up and be conscious of whats going on.

If you think Rome has fallen, think again, they have morphed from a mighty Empire to become the world’s most authority in controlled education, corporations, banks, governments, law and every social fabric of society.

They control everything with their Jewish counter part. The Judeo- Christian compo is nothing more than a geo- political instrument for the control of the world. Like I said before, they have corrupted the true word of God, the Astro Logos. last time I checked, astro means stars, logos means word.



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