Oh no! 

First we got a lesson in rugby success from the visiting Flying Fijians and now we have to swallow our pride and learn from their successful airline, Fiji Airways.

Which leaves us thinking, what are our successes and what can we teach the world or even just the Pacific?

Please remind us.



How do you tell the difference between an old, established bank and a new bank?

One answer is apparently customer service, according to our readers.

Established banks don’t care about it and new banks do. 

“A trip to our oldest bank in Samoa requires a commitment of anything up to an hour or even more of your time for your staff,” said one business owner.

“Never mind that your business loses hours of work while your staff are standing in a long queue.”

“What makes it more exasperating,” said the owner, “there are all those cashier’s cubicles most of which are unmanned even at the busiest times.”

“They simply don’t care and you will never see any management around, they’re locked in their offices and in suites far, far away.” 

“The more recently established banks are totally different,” she said.

“They are also much more competitive with their rates and fees because they actually want your business.”

“The other bank couldn’t care less about the customers. Customers are way down on the list of priorities.”

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