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Dear Editor

Re: What dictatorship? 

Samoa is a democracy!

I think the P.M and P.S. have completely lost their marbles. The history of this P.M is filled with dictatorship behavior. There are so many stories about him threatening member of his cabinet if they disagreed with a proposed new bill.

I am sure Samoa Observer has an archive full of his bullishness throughout the years whenever a member of his cabinet or any opposition party challenged him.

He claims he listens to the members of his cabinet, but as a dictator, He makes the final decision. His word is law. That is a behavior of a dictator.

How he governs is by proposing new laws to protect his position. The P.M has been in his role for so long and he continues to change his party’s bylaws to keep him in his role.

I also laugh at his comparisons to N.Z and Australian government as an example of governing. Perhaps he has forgotten that Samoa is an Independent State. Both of those countries are former territories of Great Britain.

Which means its way of governing is in line with G.B. and not as independent as we are. The baseline of our constitution was written by the Brits but progression of government is solely on our government.

The P.M is a dictator. He can hide under the so-called constitution that he created to protect himself, his families and his ‘Yes Man’ friends.


T. Leone

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