Read your Bible, it is the truth

Dear Editor,

Re: Samoa urged to back Israel 

In response to all these people who are ridiculing the call from M.P. Alaiasa for Samoa to support Israel, I think you need to expose yourself to the light of the Holy Bible, preferably sooner than later, and read what it says on the Jews. 

The Bible is the word of God and so I rather listen to Him than the opinions of so called scholars who cast aspersions on the veracity of the bible. 

Saying the Bible isn’t accurate because there are so many false versions doesn’t cut it with me because I know its Satan’s old trick of attacking the foundations of God’s Word. 

The Bible I have is based on solid inspired texts, namely the Textus Receptus for the NT, and the Masoretic Text for the OT; You should know then what bible I use. I know I have God’s preserved word in my hands. Man this is Christianity 101A!

God’s Word declares, history then backs it up. 

I mentioned the prophecy that the Jews would return to their homeland and History backed it up. I mentioned that God blesses those that bless Israel, and curses those that curses Israel. 

History backs this up in our modern times with God’s curse on the Muslim Arab nations who not only worship Allah AKA Satan, but also war against Israel only to bite the dust each time.

God said the land would flourish and be productive when the Jew return to their land - wallah! Israel is known as a very productive exporter of agricultural products and know how.

The ancient Romans mention the Jews but no “Palestinians”. Jesus wasn’t crucified as ‘King of the Palestinians’ but as ‘King of the Jews’.

There isn’t any archeological evidence for the existence of a ‘Palestinian people, culture or race.

The so-called Palestinians are none other than Jordanians left over from their military defeats at the hands of the Israelis in the latter half of the 20th century. They fester to covet the land of the Jews and tell porkies on how they have an ancient heritage of their own with the land. 

Some one like Trump should tell them the game is up, Go back to Jordan!

I’m not going to oblige you and tell you where Abraham came from or the history of the land of Canaan because it’s all right there in the early part of Genesis if you just look without the wink wink. 

Read through eyes of faith, not a cynical ‘sceptical’ attitude. 

Only a person who hasn’t so much as sniffed a bible in their lives would ask such questions but I tell you to discover that for yourself.

I don’t want to cover such ground - you might be one of those whom Lord Jesus refer to as seeing, but do not see, hearing but do not hear, or else they would have been converted.

The Bible is very simple, why complicate it? 

Unless you have a reprobate mind.

As for real issues in the middle east, I only care about Israel and am exposed enough to what’s happening there thank you very much. 

Vilify and malign Israel or you like but remember, history always bears out the victors and the losers, the genuine and the false, and God has shown that no man, power, or government, can take away the land from the Jews. You can argue till the povi come home, while I can point to Israel and say, look the Jews are still there, they’re not going anywhere, they’re still in control. Look, wail and gnash your teeth!


Ron Lei 

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