Changes are needed for the better

Dear Editor,

Regarding your editorial “Have they forgotten O Samoa ua uma ona tofi”. Who really had divided Samoa? Do you know?

I have asked as it had been so many yonks of ages ago that catchphrase was said but for sure it was akin to my dear lovely Samoa culture not to a Westminster elected democratic government. And am proud to say, I also know who said it.

Life had been muddled too much in Samoa today misinterpreting the Westminster democracy and bringing the Samoa culture into disrepute.

That surely is causing a mayhem recently when some lowlife scumbags from the slum of Luatuanu’u had interfered with the government road that is running into the village, the culture was exploited to defuse the situation (when the law passed in the Westminster democracy was compromised).

The power of the mind, the physical strength, the love of the heart, and the belief of the soul are enough weapons to control the whole human body. And when angers prevail, the human is weak and a had become a coward.

When the democratic law is broken the police had to act in a way to protect themselves at what ever cost. The safety of the police is paramount and utmost imperative.

The police have the right to go to work and return home to loved ones at the end of their shift. No stupid idiot fool is allowed to lay hand on the police. Samoa culture has no place when the law is broken.

That road maybe in Luatuanu’u but the land that road is situated does not belong to Luatuanu’u none or whatsoever. It is definitely belonging to every citizen of Samoa to freely use. The same in all the villages in Samoa; the public road belongs to every one.

Mr. Editor, what the H.R.P.P. government is doing right now is premise to the decorum the Constitution had afford unto them to help develop the modern Samoa.

Laws are passed and annul and that’s normal. And so as any Constitutions in the world. Amendments are required to conform with the time or else a country would operate with laws that are outdated.

The ancient revered district salutations you mentioned had been very long ago become obsolete and dud when the might of the Matavanu volcano had ruined Sale’aula causing some residents to seek relocation as they are now in Le’auva’a and Salamumu’s circumstances.

The electoral new boundaries perhaps are to be changed, but the cultural salutations would still remain the very same no one can change that.

In Samoa, changes are needed otherwise the rest of the world would move forward and we are still using coconut lamps to light up the dark night and cooking with the outside fire.

But should there be some people who do not need a progressive life for a developed Samoa, I am sure Namu’a Nu’ulua and Nu’utele are inhabited.

Respectfully yours,


Tofaeono Misãtauveve Iosefo Joseph Hollywood Palisi

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