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Why do most people travel?

Apart from the usual break from their busy work life and getting a good tan, most, like the Trotter siblings, from Melbourne, Australia, travelling to a new place is all about embracing, learning and sharing cultures. 

Lifelong lessons and values have always been part of the siblings’ upbringing. 

“So coming from a caring family, a big family of seven, we were taught how to respect, share, and live within our means and our bounds and to help one another. And when you’re able to do these, then you would achieve all things. Integrity and being faithful will get you far in life and what we do for one another,” Darcy told the Dear Tourist team. 

Cassandra was on her way for a swim at the Sheraton Resort when we learned that she travelled to our shores with her brother and Samoan partner to visit her partner’s family. 

“We’re not married, but we’ve a son together, he’s two years old and we left our baby back home.  It’s been a long time since my partner has been here, at least 28 years that he’s been away from home,” Cassandra said.

When she requested her brother Darcy, to accompany them here, Darcy found this an opportunity for a good break before school started because he was a school bus driver. 

“Away from the wife and kids,” joked Cassandra. 

Joining in the laughter, Darcy said: “See when you’re given an opportunity in life; we’re only young once, so might as well see another part of the world so beautiful and so lush and the climate is so wonderful, different from Melbourne.”

“When we came here, we went through Fiji; I’ve been there a long time back. And you see, what I like about visiting new places is meeting people, and I like to embrace life, so one thing we gain from this is learning, see we’ve all got something to learn from one another and that’s what I love about Pacific cultures, so as a boy who dreamt of traveling the world, God has given me that gift to achieve that childhood dream.”

The siblings arrived last week Sunday and they have planned a fun filled learning experience for their two weeks stay. 

Being first timers to our island and only have been here for four days, the siblings have fallen in love with almost everything that is Samoan. 

From the local menu to the culture, the ocean, people and the lush surroundings of Samoa, nothing the siblings want to miss out before saying adios.

“The people are very welcoming and friendly, very polite and just a significant hospitality and atmosphere and I find that everyone embraces it with kind open arms,” Darcy said.

“And I love the fact that people always laugh and it makes me laugh, if someone is feeling down and miserable, just get among the Samoans and Polynesian people because it is good medicine and your problems fade.” 

“Laughter and getting around positive people is a best way of removing all your worries.” 

“I love the local food, we have it to back at home in Australia, taro, I think am pronouncing it wrong,” Cassandra laughed. 

“I can’t wait to try their coconut water and the local fruit is just amazing.” 

“I love the climate here in Samoa. I love the exotic plants and beautiful flowers and the weather is very good and hot too.”

“The ocean is just amazing, crystal clear and blue and the exotic plants are just beautiful. I was impressed by the coconut trees.”

Our culture has no doubt left a mark within the siblings, with Cassandra trying to master the local language.

“It’s a very good culture. I’ve started learning about some of the local words like talofa is hello; fa’afetai is thank you and just the common courtesy words,” she said.

“For me, the culture is very warm and yes to me, just to embrace the culture and hospitality is wonderful to take home and to be able to share with people at home who haven’t travelled,” Darcy added.

Cassandra said she would also get a traditional tattoo like her partner to represent their son and the love she has for the Samoan people. 

Samoa is an absolute quality for the Trotter’s.

“I’ve been to New Zealand and Fiji for a very short time, but I love Samoa the best at the moment,” she said.  

“And we’ve been taking a lot of photos because we want long lasting memories.”

Darcy said: “And one of the things that last forever is the memories of your stay and you can share among families and friends, and we’ve received a lot of positive feedback from loved ones that they really appreciate what we share because they can’t travel due to financial constraints.”

They both agreed that Samoa is a good getaway destination if people wanted to enjoy life. 

“Samoa is a good place to get away from the digital world because it is about enjoying each other’s company and being amazed at how beautiful this place is, and to help you remember where you come from because a lot of people have forgotten where they come from and what life’s about,” Cassandra said.  

With their experience so far, the siblings agreed their next trip will be a family vacation. 

“I look forward to return with our little boy so that we can introduce to him to his family,” Cassandra said. 

“My wife and three boys are back at home, so hopefully when my children are a little bit older and my wife is on break, then we will return,” Darcy added. 

What’s next before they bid farewell? 

Well it’s more sightseeing and experiencing our culture.

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