You need to know the truth

Dear Editor,

Re: Leave the faifeaus alone 

A blind man indeed! Christianity puts emphasis on morality, the only way you can be righteous in the eyes of the Lord is when you understand the difference between Right and Wrong.

In the Old Testament, the law was spelled out in plain text for everyone to see eg, Thou shall not kill. In the New Testament, Jesus said, it’s not enough to say thou shall not kill, you deal with your heart first. 

It’s the same with you saying, don’t tax the faifeau because he’s a man of God, which means that the faifeau represents the church and the message of God - which is morality. 

Well you didn’t exactly say those words but I know your heart and where you stand on this issue.

Then you turned around and said:

“The pastor can help lead a soul to Christ, he is a shepherd to the flock, he also must teach the Word and preach the Word that the people may be fed with the Word of God”

This is why you should listen to me, faifeau and church are over rated !!!

H.R.P.P gangsters are all church going Christians, why can’t they stop corruption?

If “the pastor can help lead a soul to Christ”.........then the faifeau is the sponsor of morality in the community so thanks for agreeing with me.

So now we should ask the question of where are these pastors when the government continues to hurt people like they’re drinking coffee in the morning?

Let’s take papa Tui as an example, he is a “mamoe” for both the Catholic faith and Protestants. He should be the luckiest mamoe ever with two leoleo mamoes, my question then is - why isn’t papa tui getting “spiritual food” which is basically moral standards or morality?

Can you see my angle here my friend, it’s quite understandable but of course you’re very indecisive because of ‘pride’ which means you exalted man before God.

It makes your virile devotion very questionable, it takes strength and courage to say the Truth. You need to fight your Demons so that you can say the Truth.


Le Mafa P

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