From Russia with love

Think a minute...This is a true Russian love story. Nadya von Meck was the wealthiest woman in Moscow. But all of her money and fortune could not comfort her after her husband died. She then escaped inside her luxurious home and tried to heal her broken heart by playing the music she loved on her piano. 

At the same time in the city of Moscow was a 36-year-old composer named Peter Tchaikovsky. He had no idea that his music had begun to restore hope and love to the heart of this lonely widow. Nadya felt that he understood her pain and feelings, and he had masterfully turned them into the most soothing and stirring music she had ever heard. 

But Nadya’s infatuation with Peter’s music was also attracting her to him personally. She learned from his friends about his interests, and later paid Tchaikovsky to write more music. Nadya, in fact, became his #1 supporter. 

Over time she also became his closest confidant and companion who inspired him to create some of history’s most romantic music. For 14 years they found love in each other. In fact, Tchaikovsky’s passionate music was written for none other than his Nadya, the love of his life. 

Then one day they suddenly ended their relationship, and no one knows for certain why. After that, neither of them lived long without the other. Nadya quickly lost her health and Peter died speaking her name. Yet their secrets live on in their love letters to each other.

That is all we know of them. For 14 years they expressed their feelings for each other in letters. Amazingly, the famous relationship of Peter Tchaikovsky and Nadya von Meck, which produced some of the world’s most romantic music, was from two lovers who never once met face to face! 

But the fact is real love must be lived “up close and personal,” not just in romantic love songs and letters. That is why God became a real person: to show His love for us “up close and personal,” so we could know what He is really like, and learn to love Him for who He really is.

There is nothing more He can do to show us how much He loves us, and how much He wants to share His life with us in a daily personal relationship. So once and for all, won’t you open your heart and ask Jesus, who died and rose again for you, to become the Lord and Love of your life? Only then can His real love and power begin changing everything in your life. Just think a minute… 

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