Writer completes “Job Hunting” book

By Ilia L Likou 02 March 2018, 12:00AM

Job Counsellor and Freelance Writer, Orlando Huaman, believes he has just the book you need if you are looking to sharpen your skills to find work.

He has just completed a book called “Job Hunting” and is encouraging members of the public to read it. The book will soon be available at the public library or through contacting Mr. Huaman on his email address, [email protected]

“As a child, everybody has dreamed of being a doctor, an engineer, a wife, a lawyer, a teacher, a career woman in real life,” Mr. Huaman said.

“What has happened to our dreams?”

As a Job Counsellor, Mr. Orlando said his intention is to open the doors to those able, disabled, capable and willing to make the effort to find gainful employment.

“We end up being an accountant, a housewife, or engaged in some everyday occupation,” he said. “We still have our dreams, we still make them come true and the purpose of this manual is to help translate dreams into fact.”

“This manual will give you practical, not theoretical ways to sell yourself and make your dream a reality.”

“On open letter to job seekers we can state that looking for a job is a demanding task, a hard job.”

“It is not only a painful task, it is also tedious and in the majority of cases frustrating.”

He explains: “It involves a great deal of energy, not only physical but mental and most of all time and money.”

“Anxieties, shattered dreams, unfulfilled plans, and debts to pay, all these conspire in the mind of one who is looking for a job.”

“Then comes along what we always fear, work stoppages, closure, change of ownership, reduction of personnel, relocation, automation etc.”

“These changes mean progress. The success factor analysis technique has been adapted in a variety of ways to help persons individually or in group.”

“This included the recovery and strengthening of self-confidence upgrading of skills, especially those of women, minorities, youth and others who seem to face career limitation.”

“Success factor analysis has also been adapted to help college students identify the courses that are most likely to enlarge their potential for fulfilment.”

“Among the most satisfying applications, to me is the use of these systems in many corporations to prevent lengthy unemployment of terminated employees and by religious institutions, to help clergy and laypersons leaving church jobs.”

Mr. Huaman gave some hints for today’s job seekers, which are the major difference between successful and unsuccessful job hunters.

“The job hunters typically last between eight and 23 weeks, depending on where you are and the economy, and how high you aim. Don’t count on the weeks, but be mentally prepared for the 23.”

“Remember no matter how loyal you were, how hard you worked, or how long you worked there, the basic truth in life is that no one owes you a job, if you are going to find a new job, it won’t be easy, you are going to fight to win.”

By Ilia L Likou 02 March 2018, 12:00AM
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