The signs of the final collapse

Dear Editor,

Re: How democracy might work in Samoa

In the astrological cycle of how the as above so below concept is very applicable in this context of changing times. 

I know that we are at the tail end of the so called “end times.” 

Which is not literally the coming of Jesus to save us concept. As we are coming out of the wrath of the “ I believe and I doubt “ concept of the Piscean era of Christianity to the “I know” sign of Aquarius when people are waking up to the new era of Knowledge and understanding of how the world really works for the last two thousand years. 

The golden age that I know is before us and it will be the beginning of a new cycle. Pisces is a water sign which is equivalent to money, liquid asset, currency, and all the watery symbolism it represents are making its way out while a new form of tender will be in place for humanity. 

Aquarius is an air sign which means everything will be conducted by air or electromagnetic form, like cell phones, computers etc. Our new tender will be digital which I think will replace the fiat currency we have today. 

Does that mean the banking cartels will be obliterated by this new era? 

By the way it looks, it has all the signs of a final collapse of the monetary system that has taken a strangle hold on all of humanity.


Leituala Roger B.

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