Grateful mother dreams big

By Vatapuia Maiava 18 September 2016, 12:00AM

When life doesn’t go our way we often resort to complaints

But for Vaigase Gale from the village of Sale’imoa, she remains grateful no matter what.

Aged 57, Vaigase can be seen every day at her stall located at Fugalei.

Approached by the Village Voice, Vaigase said she has big dreams for the future.

“Right now my dream with my husband is to have a shop where we can we can continue the work that we are doing in the market,” she said.

“It would help us so much because it will be our own. We also want to use the shop to showcase my floral arrangements.”

She understands that those plans will take time to come about.

“But until then, this is my small business I have going on right now,” Vaigase said.

“I bring whatever I can find at my plantation to sell here at the market every day of the week. So this is pretty much my family’s only source of income right now.

“We had a temporary market at the Toleafoa compound but once they reopened the Fugalei market we came straight here because we knew it would be better for sales.”

With no one in her family employed, Vaigase says that she must work hard to take care of her children and family.

“The reason we work so hard is because no one in the family is currently employed,” she said.

“So I spoke to my husband that we should come to the market to help earn an income to help us look after ourselves. And so, we just grabbed what we could from our plantation and began selling here.”

The little they make is not enough for the family but Vaigase remain optimistic about her situation.

“To be honest, the little we make is not enough,” she said.

“This is all we have to take care of our children and the rest of the family, the money is nowhere near enough for everything we have to do.”

“But I do believe that no matter how much we have, we must serve the Lord. If you have little and you give out of love to the work of the Lord then he will multiply it for you.”

“He is the source of everything and he will even give you wisdom. Never be angry at what you do not have but wait on him, and upon his return”

With hardships after hardships, Vaigase prays that the Lord will pull them through.

“We make under $100 a day,” she said.

“Once we get that money we immediately put aside enough for our tithes and offering before we manage the money for the family.”

“Although we go through many hardships I remain grateful to the Lord. We may have little but I am happy for the Lord’s blessing and the life he has given us.”

“I pray that through this work, the lord will provide what my family needs.”

By Vatapuia Maiava 18 September 2016, 12:00AM
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