What’s good enough?

Think a minute…Is your voice good enough to sing a solo on T.V. or radio? If you’re like me, you’ll stick to singing in the shower only! So what are you good at? And compared to whom?

If golf is your sport and you can beat your buddies in a round, how good are you compared to Tiger Woods, Ernie Els, or Veejay Singh? You and I cannot begin to measure up their world-class standard of golf!

Years ago I had to learn a new language. After 3 months of study and practice, I felt quite good about my progress. Compared to the tourists, I was a whiz and very fluent. But compared to the locals, I talked like a 5-year-old little boy.

In the same way, we may look at some really bad people and feel quite good about ourselves. Compared to them, we almost look like saints! But compared to God, how good do we look? Well, who doesn’t look like dirt compared to our perfect Creator!

Even if we locked ourselves away from all temptation and prayed all day for the rest of our lives, we still could not come even close to being as pure and perfectly good as God is. So because we want to feel we’re still OK and good enough, we choose to compare ourselves to those really bad people.

But there is only one way that God can accept you and me so we can live in a right relationship with Him. God has to give us the gift of His own perfect goodness. That’s why God the Son became a human being to pay the penalty of death for all our wrongs and sins.

Not His, since he has no wrongs to die for. Jesus wants to give you His perfect goodness free, so you can be good enough to become God’s child and enjoy His life with Him—both now and in heaven after you die.

But it’s up to you to ask Jesus for His free gift of forgiveness and new life. Just ask Him to forgive you for all your wrongs and living your own way. Then ask Him to take full charge of your life and start changing your character with His kind of goodness inside every day, for the rest of your life. Just Think a Minute…

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