Burtons love Samoa so much they want it to remain a secret

By Elizabeth Ah-Hi 04 October 2017, 12:00AM

It’s the school holidays for the Burton kids.

Yesterday Levi and Amanda were taking out their boys for some last minute shopping around Fugalei markets.  Dear Tourist joined them on their shopping escapades and learnt about how their holidays had been in this little corner of the world.

We found the family is already planning their next trip back.

“Our stay has been really good, very welcoming, perfect weather – definitely coming back again,” said Levi. 

Mr. and Mrs. Burton were not only here for the school holidays; they were also here to celebrate their wedding anniversary. They wanted a destination that ticked all the boxes for their wee family. 

“We came for our wedding anniversary and we wanted something less touristy and not as busy,” said Amanda.  “We wanted to go somewhere nice with the kids and show them a bit of culture. We’ve been to Fiji and its getting quite busy”

Levi added, “We came for the school holidays and we wanted to do something different. You go to Fiji sometimes and you still feel like you’re still in Australia still because there are all these Australians there and all those other tourists.”

The couple love the unhurried pace of life here in Samoa and preferred to leave the thrill seeking adventures to the millennials. 

“I want the laid back relaxed life,” Levi said, “you know the kind where we might sit around for a day or two to relax and then go do something. It’s not too fast paced and I like that.”

Amanda agrees. 

“I like how here the water is calm because all the waves break outside the reef so it’s nice for the kids because we don’t have to worry about the waves. Whereas in Australia there are a lot of waves on the shore.”

The Burton family all agreed that To Sua Trench was an unforgettable experience.

“We absolutely loved the trench,” said Amanda  “We could have spent the whole day there. The kids didn’t go down the trench, they wanted to at first but once they got to the top of the ladder they didn’t want to anymore so they stayed up there while we went down but then as soon as we had to leave they changed their minds! You just can win ‘ em all!”

The family couldn’t wait to plan their next trip and pointed out to us that Samoa was still relatively unknown where they’re from in Australia but that perhaps it wasn’t a bad thing because they wanted to keep Samoa for themselves. 

“We want to come back already,” said Levi.  “Before we left I was telling family and friends that we were coming to Samoa and no one had heard of Samoa! They were like, no one’s been or heard of it. Of course we would recommend Samoa as a destination – but not too much because we don’t want to many people coming out here and making it busy.”

By Elizabeth Ah-Hi 04 October 2017, 12:00AM

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