I just wanted to show the other side

Dear Editor,

Just for the record, I didn’t dish out this information just to insult the “believers”. I did it to enlighten those that want to know the other side of the coin if you will.

I pursue “knowledge” and understanding based on the hidden knowledge that is in the bible as the scriptures said in Hosea; to paraphrase; My people have perished for lack of knowledge, hence knowledge is power.

To understand the mystery of God, you have to study Syncretism that unify all knowledge and understanding including; Religion, Philosophy, Mythology, Astrology, Nursery Rymes, Science etc,etc.

They’er all one science called the wholly science. These stories are not literal, they’re all literary, to keep you thinking out of the box; hence its philosophical, metaphorical, Analogical, and Allegorical.

And if you look back in history, the ushering in of the enlightenment era in the 16th century was based on this knowledge. The book called “The Hermetica” that was translated from Latin to English by Marsilio Ficino that transformed the world to the abundance of knowledge that sparked the renaissance in Florence Italy and soon spread out all around the world.

The heroes of this era like; Giovani Pico Della Mirandolla that wrote “ The Oration On The Dignity of Man. “ which becomes the Philosophy’s manifesto wrote 900 page thesis before Martin Luther, went to Rome to challenge the Cardinals of Rome on a debate that all the Myths, Religion, Astrology. Science etc,etc were all one of the same and can be Sycretized to bring out the marvelous wonders of the mystery of God.

What happened to these heroes that tried to enlightened the world? 

They all faced the burning stakes of hell by the mother church of Rome. The last person they burned alive was Giordano Bruno on Feb, 17 , 1600 AD. The churches don’t want people to be enlightened, so long as they are drowned with blind faith of ignorance and paid their penance or tithing is good enough for them. Remember, part of the bible have been cooked up by the elites to justify their position in history.

To the believers that don’t do any research and just went along by way of faith that their religion pound on their “unconscious” mind not to ask questions and just believe that someone will come from the sky in the “flesh” to save you when in fact the story of Jesus was a metaphor of spiritual and intellectual story of enlightenment to save yourself from your ignorance vs enlightenment.

I have written extensively about Astro-theology before and I don’t want to keep repeating myself like a broken record when people don’t want to hear it anymore. But the basis of our religions today is based on Astrology. The twelve Spoke “Wheel of God.” This is called the Philosopher stone, The “Key” or the code to decode the mystery of God which is knowledge based. 

In Masonry it’s called the royal Arch. The story of Jesus with his twelve apostles is in it, The story of Jacob and his twelve sons is in it, Moses and Abraham is in it. Music, alphabet, alchemy, mathmatics, physics, chemistry. Everything is in the 360 decrees circle of the sun.

The pathway of the sun on the ecliptic which the Egyptians called it all is “Atum.” the Christians called it Adam is basically the Atom of creation. “ I am the Alpha and the Omega.” I am the beginning and the end according to the scriptures. This is the “word” of God that made flesh. John 1:1 states, “In the beginning was the word, and the the word was with God, and the word was God.” Then “God” moved to address one of the most infamous quote ever uttered in the universe; “Let there be Light.” hence, Gods “Sun” the only begotten of the father was born. Alpha is the ascension of the sun from (aeries the Ram) the zero point of the equanox line of precession or the equatorial line. Omega is when the sun is going below the scales of Libra, known as judgement day or the death of the sun only to begin the cycle again.

That’s why I know that the story of Jesus is a metaphor that unites all knowledge and understanding of truths that has its own merit to stand alone as the scripture says that the letter of the word (physical Jesus) kills, but the spirit (spiritual) of the word gives life. Most people don’t get the deeper esoteric meaning of these stories.

The case in point that drives in the heart of the beautiful metaphor in the scriptures that teaches us a lesson that is still resonating today is when the people of the book were shouting out and demanded that Barrabas (the murderer) to be released and sacrifice Jesus, the one that came to enlightened them is the paradox of our time today. People would rather look the other way and don’t want to confront the truth. Look at our Samoan politicians today and all the politicians around the world. People will still vote the crooks in because they just go along with what the controlled fake media said instead of using their “christ within” them to know instead of believing.

Our land is about to be taken over by the International Banksters, the same people that brought Christianity to Samoa and the “ believers” they indoctrinated are still silent about the whole thing until their pocket books got affected by the taxes implemented by the govt.. Only now that they are going against the government because the government is taking their fare share of the taking from the poor people in the name of God.

To the believers out there, don’t get disappointed when a one world religion will slowly creeping in to take away your rights from you and the physical Jesus that you have been waiting for never showed up to save you. The spiritual Consciousness has been here but you have rejected that because you were waiting for the (material) Jesus to appear ; hence, the letter of the kills but the spirit of the word gives life.

They have taken away the AD from the Calendar because the mythological Jesus of Christianity, Pieces the fish for the last 2000 years is over. The motto of Pieces is , I doubt and I believe, banded by a band, one fish facing one way and the other facing the other way and replaced it with the anagram of CE, Common Era. lots of religions are changing their songs and scaling down on some of their responsibilities, I’m pretty sure the believers in the back of their minds are wondering whats going on, but rest assure that they are slowly morphing your belief system to align with the true God of nature. The sign that we’re in now is Aquarius. The motto of Aquarius is “ I know.” no more doubt and 

believe in the old way. Its surety and knowing that will carry us to the next 2000 years.


Leituala Roger Brunt 

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