Samoa and our Christianity state

Greetings to you dear brethren once again and to our dear Editor,


Following on from my last letter (The 100th anniversary of the visitation by the Immaculate Conception –Samoa Observer (SO) issue 19 September 2017) where I posed various concerns and am fairly interested to learn of a response from Elder Meliula Fata [Area 70] in due course otherwise.

Nevertheless I read with much interest columns by Le Ulupoao Mai’ai Ata headed ‘The Korean monster from the North – (SO) issue 15 October 2017 together with Aumuagaolo Ropeti Ale’s one headed ‘Christian State, sins of a father who does not look like us’ –(SO) issue 08 October 2017.

I must say both gentlemen here sure sound Academics like Tui Atua Tupua Tupuola Efi yet I can smell from a far that they are lack of Faith In-comparable to le Tofa ia Auelua and Fatialofa T.A.N.L. Sailele Malielegaoi. 

And talking of le Tofa Auelua and Fatialofa T.A.N.L. Sailele Malielegaoi, I hope he gets well soon. 

Back to Le-Ulupoao and Aumuagaolo, I would hate to say that they sure sounded like my ‘Brainy yet Mindless’ Face Book friend Patrick Gannon. Where thankfully our dear EIC is not bothering anymore to utter his ‘unguided/unfaithful concern’ in our local media plat forum anymore, for they are irrelevant to our now pronounced Christian State.

Such powerful media plat forum been reiterated by Editor Mataafa Keni Lesa with his recent editorial of headed ‘We just want to thank you for caring’ – (SO) issue 15 October 2017. 

Which reminds me of Tuilaepa’s response when the National Council of Churches (N.C.C) 2002 Annual meeting passes the motion, I moved for him and his Parliament to review the Constitution regarding the much loop whole around the matter. “The problem we are facing, It’s of our own children whom go overseas and loaf ring around and about out there and when they return, they come back and established churches of themselves.

Mind you for an urban area family -chased away by their village council from their pertained village due to their bad behaviour, coming to town area is like going overseas, don’t you think?

I say this because I know for certain my village councils; Faleapuna, Amaile, Asaga, Tafitoala and Lano had been blessed with Government support funding via various related organization. So there is much help out there only if these people needing help are with their respective village then they should never be in short of the needed support from Government planned assistance. 

Well unless of course the respective village council is not actively affiliate with to the Government plans in place. But never mind, thanks to ‘Village Voice’ and ‘Dear Tourist’ section of the Samoa Observer for it does prove to us that there is never a shortage of much Good Samaritan out there willing to lend a helping hand no matter what plus Samoa as a Tourist destination still had much to be done with regards to the Tourism world.

Anyway before I pen out this time, allow me to say my apologies for I did not get back to you about the last minute change of venue to the Vigil Mass commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the approved Fatima apparition of God’s Immaculate Conception, I invited you to attend on my last piece.

For after returning of His Grace lead Pilgrimage to Fatima they were inspired by their experience and had wanted to share it out, why we have to change venue for original a one day celebration had been changed to two days. 

And I recommend my friend Tu’u’u Mata’afa Mulipola Peato Mikaele relevant columns; 1. ‘Fatima 100th Anniversary Apparition celebrated by Universal Catholic Church’ –SO issue 12 October 2017 and 2. ‘Showers of blessings as Fatima celebration ends in heavenly glory’ SO issue 15 October 2017 as good read capturing the moment should you wish for a recorded testimony and experience. 

A highlight for me though was getting to meet Mr Patrick Ah Chong and his lovely lady (yet to approved Stigmatise of Samoa) Toaipuapuaga Ah Chong in person together with the company of Columinst Tu’u’u M.M.P.M and his good lady as well as le Fetalaiga ia Tuisavailuu Iputau enjoying the pouring showers of blessing while celebrating Mass as described by Tu’u’u MMPM.

Am still keen to learn of Elder Meliula Fata [Area 70] awaited response. And I hope by now Aumuagaolo Ropeti Ale sees the correction to his stated facts regarding the ‘Christian state’ notion.

Wondering whether he can agree with me if I say, ‘that should John William (JW) arrives our shores with John the Baptized (JtB) mandate instead of their ‘disguise group’ notion, we should never have witness this much distraction he claimed,? 

Poor Malietoa for the concern London Missionary Society (LMS) members had played him big time. Pretty sure that’s why he again later accepts and promote the ‘Bahaullah Faith’ aiming at correcting his wrong, yet it is now simply like ‘jumping from the pot, missed the frying pan and on to the fire’, don’t you agree?

Well just to be fair with the Samoan souls following the Bahaullah Faith in Samoa, I wish to ask a similar question I asked of Elder Melifua Fata of Mormonism.

Wondering of either Lemalu Siomia Auvele –le Afioga i le Tauaana or le Afioga ia Sealiimalietoa Peseta Demetrius Taofiga can assured us that their followed organisation faith teaching can be relate to as ‘Christian’ (i.e. of Christ Jesus and not of a mere man yet to be 200 years of existence) for we are now a pronounced Christian State.

Otherwise I would recommend their pertained faith teaching -where based mainly on ‘Organisation Unification’ utilising ‘Scientific idea’s’ instead of the God Almighty (whom is the Alpha and Omega [TAGALOA]) to be ‘stopped’. Don’t you agree your Honourable Head of State -Tui Aana Tuimalealiifano Vaaletoa and your good Lady? Very sorry for bothering your honour as I now doubt very much the NCC Council understand the essence of such concern on the very matter as it should have been one of their main priority, don’t you think your honourable Rev. Chairman.

As for poor Le Ulupoao Mai’ai Ata, come on you ‘tama o le ua mea’a’asa’ I never believe I hear that much fear out of your good self. Wonder how’s your devoted life to our concerned FATIH upon the renowned TRINITY God, now days? Simply because all we need to do is; 

1. Trust on Him like how Maccabees advise on to Philip; 2 Maccabees 8:18 -He said, “They trust in weapons and acts of daring, but we trust in almighty God, who can by ‘a mere nod destroy not only those who attack us but even the whole world’ and 

2. Pray the Rosary -unceasingly as requested of us all via the simple poor Children in Fatima by our Forever Blessed and Virgin Mother Mary then “[we shall all], let us confidently approach the throne of grace to receive mercy and to find grace for timely help” Hebrew 4:16.

Until next time we meet again!    


Molio’oLeo’o F.M.M.M.P.

Atalii fanau le ‘au o le Talalelei.

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