“Life’s Surprises”

Think a minute…Remember Christopher Columbus, the great explorer from Europe? He planned to sail across the Atlantic ocean to find Asia, but failed. However, instead of Asia he found the New World, now called America.

And you know the rest of the story. Of course, America is not as nice as Asia, but at least Columbus’ discovery was not a total loss. It’s funny how life’s disappointments and surprises often can still turn out well. 

Louis Pasteur was looking for a way to keep wine from turning sour, but instead he found a way to kill all the dangerous bacteria in milk. Today this process of pasteurization makes milk safe for us to drink.

Willhelm Roentgen was working on a way to improve photography, but instead he found the way to make X-Rays, which has enabled doctors to help even save millions of lives.

Alexander Bell tried to improve the telegraph, but instead he ended up inventing the telephone.

How many times have you really wanted something and did not get it, but instead you ended up getting something even better? So in the end, you were very happy and thankful you did not get what you first thought you needed and wanted. 

Someone once said: “When God wants to curse us, He gives us what we ask for.” You see, sometimes we want things that are not good for us and in the end will make us very unhappy. So it is because God loves us that He does not give us what we want, but instead He surprises us by giving us something better! Don’t forget, since God created you and me, He knows much better than we do what will really make us happy and healthy.

This is why asking Him to take control of your life and help you live His way every day is not only the right thing to do, it’s the smartest thing you can do—for your own happiness and safety. Just Think a Minute…

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