Villager critical of increases

Forty-eight year old Vaasili Piula of Lotopa is urging the government to reassess the increase of fees with things such as passport, prizes of goods in shops as well as many other things.

He expressed his disappointment towards the government for the many changes including the increase of the cost of living when people’s incomes have remained the same.

“In some families there are more than two working people but in some family like mine’s for example I am the only one working,” he said.

“$200 nowadays is like $2.00, my weekly rate is $2.30sene which to me is nothing. 

“Every day we struggle in trying to stretch this $200 until the next pay day, and then there’s the kids school stuff including tuition and lunch for school.

“Then there comes the village commitment as well as church commitment it’s just very difficult to try and stretch this.

“So listening to all these increases make me even sadder because the government is increasing all of these and yet salaries are still the same as a matter of fact it’s not moving forward.

“It’s a struggle every day in working in a place where not only its risky but not worth it as well.”

Mr. Piula is a security guard and even though he said it’s a struggle his children are his motivation.

“When I look at my children I wonder how their life would turn out,” he told the village voice.

“This is why I push them to school because I don’t want them to go through the life that I’m going through.

“I want them to achieve their goal and fulfill their dreams in life so that they can be independent and eat from their own sweat rather than depending on others.

“As for the government I am urging them to please reconsider your decision with all these increases.

“It’s okay for them because they are living on money and their salaries are more than enough but people like us are suffering but made it worse we are working and yet we are still suffering with all these increases.

“It is just benefiting the country rather than the people my advice is to look into your developments and ask whether the country is benefitting from it or its just you.

“Because I tell you the people are suffering. There are not enough job opportunities for the people and plantation is everywhere even the market there’s taro, bananas, yam everywhere.

“I think there are too much increases in the cost of living and yet the people are not earning enough to ensure they can handle all these increases.

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