Church and the government

Dear Editor,

Re: Thinking about love and compassion 

I cringe within when I see the church being compared to a government. It means corruptions and politicians rather than righteousness and servants.

The government rule by applying laws and order like it or not they’ll take their portion of your earnings, the church on the other hand rely on the spirit and the law of love for its operations.

If people are poor because of the church then perhaps they are in church for the wrong reason. 

There is a time for every purpose there is a time to make a sacrifice and there are times that you don’t have to.

If all you can give is the poor widow’s mite then that’s it. Don’t try and give a rich man’s offering. God didn’t give us the spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

I didn’t believe for a second that a faifea’u will force anything out of church members.

I surely hope that I’m right but if I’m not then people have to re-examine their own hearts and seek understanding from God’s Word.

But if church members are holding competition who gives more to the faife’au then they just put themselves in that condition under poverty. Because its not a love offering but show of pride. The church must cares for their eternal being while the government must care for their well being here on earth.

It also appears that different denominations operated differently. So there is no doubt about the validity of your opinion. And I don’t know why people would remain in churches like that. But then again spiritual things are always difficult to understand.


Galufatio’o Tautuailevao

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