Tapatapao resident slams govt. over poor road conditions

The government needs to prioritise its citizens.  

So says a resident of Tapatapao while referring to the poor road condition that has become a financial burden for people living in his area.  

Seumanu Tili has been a resident of the area for about a year after returning from overseas.

“This is the kind of developments the government needs to look into, but instead they are more concerned about some nonsense that only wastes money.

“We are the citizens of this country so our needs should come first and foremost.

“This road needs to be fixed.”

Seumanu told the Village Voice team yesterday that the reason for the poor road condition is because there are no drains for the water.

“As you can see the road goes up and so when it rains that’s when disaster occurs,” he said.

“The water flows down and then it eats up the road, hence why you can see all these massive pot holes.

“It all started from the road workers who came here to fix this road before.

“They came and fixed it all up, but one thing they didn’t do is to dig some drains for the water to flow.

“Now look, this new road has gone really bad and there are a lot more families who live up the top and they own vehicles as well.”

Seumanu adds the poor road condition has cost him to spend more money on his car tires.

“The cost of one tire is more than $100 and I had to change two of my car tires four times because of the road,” he said.

“That is more than $200 gone down the drain because of the poor road condition.

“The government should look into this, especially in areas like this where a lot of people are staying.

“This road needs to be fixed properly.

“I mean we are already trying to cope with how expensive things are and then to spend more money on our cars because it’s been damaged by the poor road condition is just too much for us.”

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