‘Changes are improvements’

By Anina Kazaz 04 August 2018, 12:00AM

Meet Jean Littlejohn from Hamilton, New Zealand.

She flew into Samoa on Sunday last week accompanied by her daughter for her second trip to the islands. 

She visited Samoa about 35 years ago and she said a lot has changed. 

“I remember Aggie Greys live singing and today there are many more buildings in the town, 35 years ago there were very few. I see a lot more houses up the hill; I don’t think there have been many houses before. There haven’t been so many traffic lights like now as well,” Jean said. 

“I have been before at the Piula Cave Pool but it changed a lot when I went this time. First of all there haven’t been any open fales there and you didn’t pay any entry fee, there was nothing then just the beautiful pool.

“Tourism has grown, which includes a lot of people coming, which is good for the island.”

She told the Dear Tourist team that the changes over the years are an improvement. 

“If you want more people to come, you got to keep up with the time. I think it is good that they charge for going into the pool because it is a way for people to making a living and that is good,” Rachael said. 

“For me when I was a schoolgirl we studied Robert Louis Stevenson’s poetry. I think a lot of people coming here now have never heard of Robert Louis Stevenson, young people because it is a long time ago.”

She has a back injury and according to her, facilities and footpaths around town and the Taumeasina Island Resort are comfortable and adaptable for physically handicapped people.  

“Here in the property it is very good there aren’t a lot of steps, which makes it very easy for me and the staff members are marvelous and very helpful. If I come to a step they will help me immediately,” Jean explained.

“There are more fruits available in the markets and the people seem to be healthier especially the younger generation.”

They leave Samoa today and if she gets a chance to come, she will revisit. 

“It is just the people especially everybody is so friendly and in the resorts so helpful no problems ever and always smiling. We are very happy with everything we will go home with a good feeling about the stay.”

By Anina Kazaz 04 August 2018, 12:00AM

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