P.M. Tuilaepa is not a dictator

Dear Editor,

Re: The man of the moment, Tuilaepa Saíilele Malielegaoi!

Yes, I see your point. 

However, I wouldnít go so far as to call the P.M. of Samoa a dictator, heís a democratically elected leader of a party that has been the most dominant in Samoan politics for three or so decades. 

He is just enjoying his immovable position of power and I suppose there is a dictatorial attitude that comes with this, however, he is still bound by the laws and processes of the system of democracy. 

My point was made in jest of course, but there is cause to conclude that democracy is not the most impartial, fair or equitable political system, let alone morally or ethically superior to other systems of government, what government or political system is? None! 

Human nature regardless of systems of power and governance, bureaucracy 

etc. will always show itself as corrupt in some way, its the way weíre wired! 

Democracy has been the ideological golden egg that the West has forced upon the world, at gunpoint, at the destruction of countless lives and the environment. In some cases such as Libya for example, the wealth and standard of living for Libyans was much, much higher under Gaddafi, who was deemed a ìbadî dictator only when it suited America. 

Look at Libya now under democracy, itís a torn up shambles. 

No, our P.M. is not a dictator, he is more like that annoying uncle who says really stupid things at the most in opportune moments, or is busy doing something dodgy behind the scenes but heís still your uncle no matter what! 

He hasnít killed his own people in light of his ideologies such as Castro like you mentioned, but then again, one should never be too complacent.


S. Matagi

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