Read the article again

Dear Editor,

Re: Utter nonsense and rubbish 

In response to Malia Mugututia Herz, I share your concerns but fail to grasp your point and since your emotional outburst obscures your message allow me to throw some light on your thoughts.

And this is what you said:

 “Do you really think people are stupid to not question the validity and the possibility of their options to prosper and grow from this opportunity?”

Karl Marxs reply: No

Karl Marxs rationale: The essay is about Customary Land Leases and the danger they pose if details are not examined, discussed and understood by the public and customary land owners. Nowhere in my essay is there a hint or scintilla of evidence to question people’s intelligence.

Karl Marxs advice on how to build a constructive argument: Take a leaf out of the book on a” Matais Right To Speech “ : Consider all angles , weigh each argument , distinguish what is fact and what is fiction , research your topic , know your history and most important of all deliver the best speech of your life by drawing on the beauty of imagery , metaphors and figurative language . 

And this is what you said:

“You espouse Marxism/Socialism ideals, and others espouse capitalism. Both systems were invented by the “white man”. Why the hypocrisy?????”

Karl Marxs reply: No I am not talking about capitalist or Marxist systems. Why would I ? They are not the topic of discussion. And further more I find both systems uninspiring..

Is Karl Marx a hypocrite? 


Karl Marxs advice : Please my essay from beginning to end and enjoy it for it’s literary worth if anything .

And this is what you said :

“What would you suggest for Samoa to grow the economic landscape? It certainly won’t grow and prosper under Marxism/Socialism -------the very guy you are “HEAD OVER HEELS” about”

Gee that is really deep …

Karl Marx replies: There are over a million people with the surname Marx and millions more with the name Karl. You are smart enough to deduce the number of people on earth with the name Karl Marx. You know just like John Smith or Malia Herz (just joking)

And finally Karl Marx the German philosopher who wrote Das Kapital. Please let him rest in peace because had he visited Samoa before writing Das Kapital I’m sure his views on the world would have changed after sitting with Samoan Matai and experiencing the true beauty of fa’asamoa.

Now you are the first person to respond to my article and although I may agree to disagree with your views I will continue to write on social issues in this great land of ours.

Karl Marx’s last piece of advice: Read my next article on …you guessed it Customary land Leases. Oh please read it from beginning to end.


Karl Marx

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