Anyone who terrorises others with a pig head is as dangerous as a prison escapee!

Dear Mr. Editor,

I write regarding your editorial heading: “Who is more dangerous? Pig head thrower or two convicted criminals on the run?”

Many times past you had said Sir a picture depicts thousands of words. Then a picture don’t lie Sir.

I saw the anxious of terror in the faces of the innocent attendees at a Marsden Church one November night last in Queensland, when Mr. Talalelei Pauga, the world infamy pig head chucker and his band of hooligans attacked the gathering.

That so was a telling factor or factors Mr. Editor!

Who did not see the extreme fear in the eyes of the guests at the launch, being worried about the delinquent hoodlums in the dark of night, camouflaging their faces, wearing sunglasses, and armed with a simple pig head and other food stuff?

Yes indeed Sir! If those food stuff were contaminated, they could have become a weapon of mass destruction Mr. Editor Sir! Around the world each year, people who die from food poisoning is pretty high.

It is alright for Mr. Talalelei Pauga he’s familiar with the stuff however an outbreak could have wiped out many innocent lives from a simple terror invasion. And Sir, we all know the physical harm that could have impaired for the value of life usefulness for the benign targets, from a run away coward such as Talalelei Pauga while on his haste get away.

No doubt Sir and all, now we know Talalelei Pauga is notorious and fierce when on the offensive to bury the hatchet. Thank God he did more harm to himself than the crowd. I can only humbly urge the guy to keep his stuff in the fridge to bring out only to cook when he’s hungry. And by the reactions of the locals who were terrorised by Mr. Talalelei Pauga’s actions, they also were vulnerable and not familiar with the man’s choice of food.

Your good self Mr. Editor knows, us here in the comfort of Samoa selections of healthy eating and dining, we feast on the lean TBones and Ribeye Steaks.

However a prison escapee Mr. Editor, would carry out a desultory silly spur of the moment act to terrorise innocent unsuspecting victims. Unlike the world renown pig head chucker, who said his actions were planned.

But Sir and all, while the prisoners are on a temporary freedom, Samoa saves the cost on feeding them. Nevertheless Mr. Editor, even prisoners don’t eat pig head they render healthy living.

And if the two are responsible with the $60,000 spoils of the poor Chinese business people’s hard earned cash, they deserve a relevant punishment to deter future occurrence. And I would say Sir, who ever was offering sanctuary to these idiots should be charged. If there is no law to deal with those sheltering a prison escapee, then introduce one to combat aiding and abetting.

Therefore Sir, I would categorically say, anyone who terrorise others with a pig head is as bad as the prison escapee. 

With my utmost respect.


Tofaeono Misātauveve Iosefo Joseph Hollywood 


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