Marijuana cures gout, says Laau

Many say legalizing marijuana is bad, but Laau Fomai of Saasaai, Savaii, thinks otherwise. 

The 28-year-old says marijuana is the medicine for gout (gugu).

The father of four told the Village Voice team yesterday that legalizing marijuana is a good idea.

He says he is a living proof that marijuana cures gout.

“I don’t smoke or drink, but I took marijuana to cure my sickness,” he said.

“So you get the fresh leaves and then you boil it and then drink the juice.”

“The idea was from one of my friends who we worked together on fishing boats because that is what I do for a living.”

“I work on a fishing boat.”

“One day I couldn’t get up because the sickness occurs during the rainy season, so when I get it, I am in so much pain and I could not walk, all I do is cry.”

“Yes, even at this age, I do cry when I get sick because I cannot handle the pain.”

“So one day my friend came to visit me and then he told me about the medicine.”

“I know it’s illegal, but I just wanted to be free from the pain I was feeling so I went and searched for anyone who has a fresh plant.”

“I found it and then I bought it, so I came home and boiled it and then I drank it and this was two years ago and look two years later I am free.”

“I can walk and go to work on rainy days and yes sometimes I can feel my feet tingling and that’s it, but it’s not how it was before when I get it.”

“So yes the plant is a medicine to gout and I think if the government legalizes it, I think it would be good nothing wrong with it.”

Mr. Fomai adds people blame marijuana for their actions, but the truth is it’s them not the plant.

“I know a lot of rapists and murderers blame the plant, but I don’t think so,” he said.

“They chose to take marijuana, so I think they are in control of their behaviors.”

“We are in control of our emotions and feelings not the other way around.”

“And I also think that if the government does legalize it, then the hospital has a part to play.”

“They have to prescribe the plant to the people who have gouts only; if the doctor does not prescribe it then it should not be used by anyone.”

“And the patient must also have proof that they do have gout and that is the work done by the doctors to prove that this person does have gout.”

“That is my opinion I only took it to cure my sickness, I’m a working father of four and I am the breadwinner for my family.”

“The plant healed me so I am strong and providing for my family without worrying about any sickness,” Mr. Fomai said. 

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