Money the biggest hurdle for many families

By Ilia L Likou 08 December 2017, 12:00AM

Money is the root of all problems.

But that is a contradiction. Pisu So of Faleasi’u says when there is no money, more problems are created.

So the solution comes down to having enough to help your family.

Without hard work, this is not possible.

“The struggle we go through to make ends meet every day is the real picture of how my family tries to survive from day to day,” he said.

He works at one of his family’s plantations in the village.

“The pay I get every week is not enough to take care and provide for my family and that’s the truth, there’s nothing to hide.”

He says his family struggles with the expensive cost of living every day.

“And trying to meet daily expenses is too much for the family but I know this is the only way they can at least try to get through in this life. 

“It’s a real struggle, trying to stretch out wages from week to week.

“Every week I try to stretch $100 to cover everything; it’s really hard because of the increasing cost of goods and services in Samoa.

“Especially since we have to take care of other obligations every month, family activities and then the family’s every day needs.” 

He said if he walked into a store with $50 it was like walking with .10 sene. 

Piso believes that poverty exists in Samoa.

“I must admit my family doesn’t have much and I know this is the reality for many families in Samoa from day to day.

“For my family, we hardly have anything to rely on, I mean we have breadfruit and tea but money is always the problem.

“But these days, it’s all about money, that’s the reality.

“Dealing with budgeting every week is really difficult and most of the time we can’t afford anything.”

Pisu added life was good in Samoa.

“Aside from the high cost of living, thank God we still have land, and food like banana, breadfruit everywhere.

“Taro is rotting all over Samoa, but money is always the problem.

“So, all we have to do is find ways to help our family and children survive every day.”

By Ilia L Likou 08 December 2017, 12:00AM

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