My family is my life, says Uili

Family is important and it is the ultimate portrayal of love, dedication and sacrifice one can show to another. 

And for Uili Taula’i his family is his life. 

“This is me every day,” the 22-year-old told the Village Voice team last week while clearing rubbish at Amoa Resort, Si’ufaga, Savai’i.

Uili is not married and lives with his siblings and their families.

The hard working lad cares and provides for his family, so whatever money he earns, goes towards supporting his siblings and their children.

“My family is my life and I prefer taking care of them and I’m enjoying what I’m doing right now,” Uili said.

When asked about his life in Si’ufaga, Savai’i, Uili said he was content with what he had and everything was well.

“I work for the Resort as a maintenance worker and I’m enjoying it,” Uili said.

“As for our family, we are getting by just fine. We have access to water and electricity at home, but the cost of living is the problem.”

“I know many of those out there agree with me about the high cost of living that we are dealing with nowadays.

“With the high cost of living, I’m telling you there are so many things that we need but cannot afford, and that is problem.

“I mean even if we had extra money, we have other things to prioritize first like the welfare of our families, family fa’alavelave, church and village obligations.”

He said the government should step in and find a way to make life easier for the people.

“For me, the cost of living is too much and whatever money I get from my pay, it gets used up like that in the blink of an eye.

“I’m just thankful that I have this job because if I didn’t, I don’t know what I would do to support my family and myself.

“Some people come to realize that as things keep on changing, the cost of living changes with it as well and it’s so true.

“In my opinion, if we don’t give our best to find ourselves a job, it’s going to be worse for us.

“We need to budget the money we get so it can cover the basic necessities and anything else that we need from day to day.

“It’s something the government needs to look into because it is so expensive to have the basic needs of our family met.”

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