Money matters in marriage

Think a Minute…Does money matter much in marriage? You bet it does! Did you know that money problems cause some of the biggest problems between husbands and wives!  Sadly, in some marriages it doesn’t take long for wedding bells to turn into wedding bills and debts. 

At the beginning of some relationships opposites attract, but later opposites attack each other. 

The husband and wife have different values, so they disagree on how to spend their money and what each thinks is a waste of money.

For example, the husband may like to spend money on beer, fishing equipment, or a television and stereo.  But his wife thinks all that is a terrible waste of their money and income. She wants to buy new clothes and jewelry, or go out to eat at restaurants. 

That’s what she enjoys.  But her husband cannot understand how anyone would want to waste money on things like that.

There’s a story about an old farmer who decided later in life that he wanted to get married. So he put this advertisement in the newspaper:  “Lonely farmer looking for a wife. She must be in her 40’s and own a good tractor. Please send photo of tractor.”  

To say the least, that old geezer was not very smooth. He didn’t even try to hide what was important to him.

So when a husband and wife have very different values on what’s important and what they should spend their money on, what should they do? They both need to compromise and cut back on their spending, before their debts get bigger.  

You see, the daily pressure and stress from big debts or loans, can divide and eventually destroy a marriage! Maybe you’ve heard the phrase:  “There’s no such thing as a free lunch!” Sooner or later we have to pay! Self-centered, uncontrolled spending will not only cost you money, but it can even cost you your marriage and family! 

If you’ve not been responsible in your spending, and your marriage and family are suffering under the pressure and stress from your unpaid debts, then won’t you ask Jesus Christ to forgive you? 

Then ask Him to take control of your life and how you spend your money? Jesus can give you the self-discipline and willpower you need to finally take control of your money problems, so they will not control you and your family.  Just Think a Minute…

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