Evolution is fairytale for people who don’t understand

Dear Editor,


Re: Standing up for evolution 

The letter writer missed the whole reason they are looking for a “common ancestor” “missing link.”

It is because the differences between chimps and humans are so extreme scientists know they could not be directly related. 

Similarities in DNA allows us to have a food chain, it does not prove relationship.

God created a perfect world. Man messed it up, God didn’t. The Second Law of Thermodynamics is proof of the curse.

Small changes within life forms happen. There is absolutely no evidence of change beyond the created kinds, except in the minds and imaginations of those who have faith in evolution. 

The rock layers and fossils were all formed by a worldwide catastrophic flood.

Mutations are rare. Beneficial mutations are extremely rare. Mutations result in a net loss of beneficial genetic information over time, not a net gain. Lifeforms are going extinct on a daily basis. 

No new life forms are coming into existence.

Evolution is a Fairy Tale for grownups that don’t understand real science. 

“Once upon a time, long ago and far away, millions of years ago.” 

Lullaby and good night.


A Edgeworth 

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