“Who said life’s fair?”

Think a Minute…Who said life’s fair? I heard my grandmother say that a thousand times if I heard it once. And there was a reason she said it often. 

When my grandmother was a little girl, one day her father just left her and her mother—and he never came back! So my grandmother fought that feeling of rejection and unfairness all her life. From an early age as a child she learned that life isn’t fair!

My guess is so did you. Hopefully you didn’t experience such a painful injustice as my grandmother. But as a child your father punished you for something you didn’t do; or a neighbor blamed you for something that was someone else’s fault. 

Maybe you had a teacher in school who really treated you unfairly. 

And now that you’re an adult, your boss is unfair. Laws seem to discriminate. Even your wife or husband may treat you unfairly or accuse you unjustly. Who said life’s fair? It’s not! 

So what can you do to handle the unfairness of people and life? Well, once again Jesus Christ has an answer to our life’s toughest questions. Do you want to talk about unfairness? Jesus Christ is the number one victim of injustice in history! 

Even people who didn’t like this man admitted that He was the last one in the world who should be executed and killed as a criminal! If Jesus Christ was not a good and innocent man, then no one is! So next time you and I think we’re being treated unfairly, just tell Jesus about it. He knows exactly what you’re feeling and going through.

How do you handle unfairness in life? You really can’t without Christ. But with Him you can overcome anything that life and others do to you. Jesus has already paved the way for you to follow. He’s been there and done that. 

And He gives that same power to anyone who will ask Him to take charge of their life every day. His own inner strength and peace that doesn’t let the unfairness of others keep you down. 

You’ll even be strong and free enough to forgive those who hurt and treat you unfairly. Jesus’ power is yours for the asking. So why not ask Him to forgive you and take control of your life today and every day? Just Think a Minute…

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