We need fresh ideas

Dear Editor,

Re: The P.M’s term 

It is a must. For any progression, we need fresh ideas and fresh eyes to move us to a better future.

I believe a government needs to invest in its people for a better future. Happier people will make sacrifices for positive progression.

Limiting terms to any leader will only enhanced the growth of our nation. 

Our people should be the foundation of our nation and not new buildings. Make our people the true foundation before you can build new infrastructure upon them. Allow them to be the pillars of new buildings by creating jobs. Create better trades with other country or island nations.

Having a new P.M every ten years may invite Samoan overseas to contribute more or invest more in our island. Most Samoans oversea feels they will be strong arm by this P.M and his cabinet by filling their pockets first before you can start a business. It is a sad consensus from our overseas families.

Limiting terms for P.M is a must to improve the lives of all of our people. Not just the rich.


T. Leone 

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