Father calls for unity and harmony

By Seia Soloi 28 February 2017, 12:00AM

The leaders of families today must set a good example for future generations.

And when it comes to land and titles quarrels, 56-year-old Sauuila Meafou, of Salepoua’e, Saleimoa, believes there are far too many disputes in Samoa.

“Not a single day goes by that I don’t see it on TV and newspapers that people are fighting over land and titles decisions,” he said.

“This worries me. If these things are our gifts from God, why is there so much hatred and anger when it comes to them?

 “I believe this is happening all due to the environment within families.

“People do not work together to maintain harmony and that’s why there are too many fights.

“Personally, we shouldn’t fight over lands or titles because every family in Samoa has their own.”

He wants to make the generations of today set a good example for the future.

“If we want them to live  peacefully, we have to show that too, instead of fighting everyday about land and titles matters.” 

Sau is a planter.

When the Village Voice caught up with him yesterday, he had just returned from his plantation where he had gone to fetch taro, breadfruit and some vegetables for his family.

“Life in the family is doing okay. The only thing that hurts us all is family faalavelave because we cannot avoid it. It happens so frequently.” 

Sau said he depends on his plantation for their daily needs rather than relying elsewhere.

 “This is where we get money for my son’s fees. He’s the only who attends school, the other two work.”

Getting back to the issue of unity, teamwork is important, he said.

“A family should be working together to maintain peace, love and to live in harmony instead of fighting. What I find sad is that some of these fights involve very close families. It’s their own flesh they’re fighting against.”

If there is anything to fight for, he believes Samoa should be careful about the influx of foreigners taking over the land.

 “If they take our land, what would happen to our people in the future, especially our children? They will suffer more. We need to stand up to this.”

In the meantime, Sau said his priority is his son.

By Seia Soloi 28 February 2017, 12:00AM
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