Time to deal with the audit reports

Dear Editor,

Re: Minister resigns 

The substantial evidence must be strong in this case for the Police to file charges and for the Minister to step down.

The only sad part is that this is just a personal conflict between two business partners that went sour, but the real issues that are not being addressed are the audits that the govt. have been stonewalling for a long time. 

That’s the real story that needs to be brought to the forefront for discussions. Buying time to eradicate this issue will not work, since we have social media and people are more engaged with issues now than ever before.

What are they hiding in the first place if they are that innocent? 

Where are the checks and balances since there are no longer an opposition? Who is going to demand such justice for the people of Samoa? 

These are the questions that need to be answered.

A one party system is the ideal system for a rogue One World Establishment subjugated by only a few at the expense of the masses. That is where we are heading. When the people of a country are voiceless by intimidation or plain ignorance to see the truth, that nation will perish from within.

We are seeing this playing out all over the world, and there are major paradigm shifts around the world and how events are happening not by chance, but by design. 

I don’t want to make any outlandish assumptions, but there are major problems with our debt that we are literally owned by the International Bankers under the guise of their UN mandate dictating us how to run our country. 

I hope these are hypothetical assumptions; but when you do your homework, and study the geopolitics and the macroeconomics of how the world really works; these are the elements that helped shaped the “chief corner stones” the builders rejected!


Leituala Roger B

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