Student attacks teacher

By Ilia L Likou 27 February 2018, 12:00AM

A student, one of two at Avele College who had been expelled from school for bad behaviour, attacked a teacher, last week.

As a result, the male teacher has filed a complaint with the Police.

The attack was confirmed by the School’s Principal, Matafeo Reupena Matafeo.

“I can’t discuss what has happened,” he said, “the matter is now with the Police.”

He added: “We met the parents of the two students at the beginning of the week."

“The teacher involved; one of the school’s Committee members, the Deputy Principal and I were present."

“We’ve sorted out everything between the parties and as I’ve mentioned earlier, the matter is now passed on to Police.”

The Principal said the school does not tolerate such behaviour.

“Avele College has zero tolerance in bullying between students or students to teachers or teachers to students.”

One of the parents, Muliau Tagiao Tusipa, said her son told her about the incident last week.

“He told me that when the two students misbehaved, the teacher told them to go and see the Principal,” Muliau said.

“Then the Principal expelled them. But they went after the teacher and one of them threw the stone aiming at the teacher’s head."

“Lucky it wasn’t his head but the shoulder. They were also trying to beat the teacher. And this is really sad.”  Muliau called on the Government to re-legislate corporal punishment to deal with such students.

“We grew up with the sasa (discipline) and it never affected us,” Muliau said.

“That sasa made us what we are today, not only from the parents but from our teachers as well."

“We never had any bullying and bad attitudes in the days because we were scared of what’s coming the next day when we go back to school." 

“I don’t know why the Government took away corporal punishment in the first place because this is what happened."

“Look now, students can run around and do whatever they want because the teachers and principals can’t do anything."

“They have that kind of mentality that they own the world and the people around them.”

Muliau said parents must also play their part.

“Teachers are not there to discipline your child, if you love your son and daughter teach them well,” she said.

“The teacher’s job is to teach the students, but the parents’ job is to discipline their children so that when they come to school they already know what to do and what not to do."

“They should know how to sit, walk and talk in public places and most importantly, they should know how to present themselves in front of people."

By Ilia L Likou 27 February 2018, 12:00AM

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