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Fiti Tavita, from the village of Vailoa, believes everyone is gifted.

Whatever that is, they need to find it and develop it.

Fiti, 44, is a carpenter but in his spare time, he enjoys doing house work as well as gardening.

Asked what he thinks causes struggles in Samoa, Fiti simply said, laziness.

“In this day and age, people suffer simply because they just sit around,” he told the Village Voice.

“In saying this, I believe that if you want something in life then the first step to getting it is standing up and doing the work.”

“If you want to take care of your family then you can always get up and grow some crops. You can grow vegetables for your meals or to sell for some money.”

“It’s hard work but at least it will get you out of being poor.”

Although he’s happy with carpentry work, Fiti doesn’t like to limit his work to just that. The hard working man loves to make the most of his entire day.

“I am currently working as a carpenter,” he said.

“When I don’t have any work to do then I stay at home and take care of the chores. I clean around my land and just keep everything in order while I wait for some work.”

“I also grow some peas and eggplants for cooking. That’s what I mean by keep on moving, if you don’t have any work then that doesn’t mean you should just sit around and be lazy.”

“As you can see, I am currently getting some gardening work out of the way since I have the free time.”

Fiti admits that he does go through some struggles, but he says it’s just the same as everyone else.

“No matter what, everyone goes through their own personal struggles in life,” he said.

“But what you do about your situation is what matters most. There isn’t anyone in Samoa who doesn’t go through any issues but what I can say is that issues don’t define you.”

“I am enjoying what I am doing at the moment. With my carpentry work, if someone hires me then I can make about $400 at the end of the week.”

He says his one and only priority is taking care of his family.

“The money I make goes towards taking care of the family,” Fiti said.

“I help take care of the elderly in the house as well as the children who are currently schooling. We have enough to live on.”

“I am happy; I also enjoy gardening to pass the time. Doing anything is better than just being lazy. My message for Samoa is to always try your best no matter what in life.”

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