Sydney couple escapes Australia’s cold with tropical Samoa visit

By Anina Kazaz 30 May 2018, 12:00AM

First time visitors to Samoa, Rebecca Cade and Ken Mc Croary, are here for a relaxing break. The duo from Sydney, Australia and arrived last Wednesday.

Samoa is their latest Pacific destination having already visited Cook Islands, Fiji and Vanuatu. They found out about Samoa with a special offer in “Lucky escape.”

Rebecca said Samoa is not well advertised compared to Fiji and other Pacific destinations.

So how does Samoa compare to Fiji?

 “I prefer Samoa to Fiji because there, the whole beach is filled with hotels. Here you feel like its more natural. Even in a resort it is not so touristy and you are still somehow connected to the outside.”

It’s also a world away from their hectic lives in Australia.

 “I think at home, everything is so commercialized so we wanted to get away from that.”

Ken said there is something about keeping a place unique.

 “I think places lose their uniqueness through too much commercializing and then it wouldn’t matter anymore where you go cause it would be all the same everywhere,” he said.

 “We have been in a hotel in Fiji and it could have been the same hotel anywhere else. We lost that feeling of being at a special place. That is what we like about Samoa.”

Despite Samoa being less developed, they noted something about the place.

 “Probably more cars here. The other places had a lot more motorbikes then cars and it seems to be warmer here,” Rebecca said.

 “The churches are more visible here.”

The inspiration to come to this island came not only from their experiences on the other islands.

 “I like anywhere where it is warm. It is getting cold at home, so we are trying to get out in a warm region this time. We try to come to this area every year.”

The purpose of their trip is not only an escape from the weather back home but it is a much needed stress reliever.

 “We have been once to town and then most of the time here around snorkeling and enjoying the sun and the water. I was surprised how many fish and how close they have been while snorkeling,” Rebecca said.

 “What I like the most is having the time to relax and reading my book,” Ken added.

 “We just saw some villages while driving from the airport to the resort. It looked very similar to the Cook islands.”

 “The people have been really friendly, probably as well because of the tourism business.”

They attended a Fiafia night to see a bit more culture.

As for the food, Ken said:  “We had the Oka, which we enjoyed.”

In terms of developing tourism, they can’t see the need for drastic changes.

 “When we have been in town, we had a guide so everything was fine. From our experience we couldn’t say anything we see could be improved.” 

Which is why they are definitely coming back.

 “We will probably first see some other islands but it is a place I would like to return to,” Rebecca said.

 “We definitely going to recommend this place to our friends and family back home,” Ken said.

By Anina Kazaz 30 May 2018, 12:00AM

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