The Prime Minister’s coming dictatorship

Dear Editor,


“Malie toa, malie tau!” Savea stood facing the sea, watching the King sail away and felt the wind of change rush through him. He thought of the future of his people, and wondered if this battle would be remembered.

Would it remain in the hearts of his people for generations to come? 

The pain the evil King brought, the torment the evil King brought, the corruption the evil King brought? 

Would it last forever why at last they came together to overthrow this King? 

Would they cry for his family, his friends, his warriors who died to end his reign? 

Would they remember the women who ran desperately to hide their children when the King’s men came? 

The fathers who fell to their knees helplessly when the King’s men carried their sons away?

Would they remember the children crying out in vain for someone, anyone to find them, save them please come and save them? 

How long would they be free? How long before the next King the next Queen came to torture them again? 

Will his bloodline at least remember? To save their children? Their family? Their people? Will they be strong enough to come together again? To go against anyone who feared too long a King that imprisoned them? To stand up, to scream, to war for all those they cherished? 

Savea tightened his eyes to hold back the tears and took a deep breath then turned to face his warriors

“Take the story of this battle to all the people, let them know in the song sung from your lips to their waiting ears, let them know in your voices that erupts from your hearts, let them know although their tears filled the clouds above us, although their fears rumbled in the trees that surrounded us, we did not forget their love, their love gave us the strength to raise our weapons time and time again, let them know we are free because together all the spirits of our land roared through the wind, WE ARE NOT AFRAID!” 



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