Setting the record straight

Dear Editor,


With due respect, we write in response to your article titled “Tension in the halls of Justice” published on the Sunday Samoan of 6th November 2017.

In the story, Fa’aolesa Katopau says that his letter to the President of the Land and Titles Court was merely a request for him not to consider a complaint for a case that had been resolved in 2011.

Common sense prevails. This entails he is meddling with the role of the President. Now we want to point out a few things for the information of members of the public who have read this story. It’s important we correct this information for the sake of our family.

 (a) There was no case in 2011.

 (b) You bestowed titles to your family members on December 2011 and had an article in the Samoa Observer straight after.

 (c) Fa’aolesa Katopau’s other comment in the story reads: “There was a case in 2012 and our family won and the chiefly titles were honoured” 

 (d) In April 2012 you advertised in the Savali to have these names registered and we objected. We had a Court case with you and your family in 2013, which we won as you withdrew with your signed letter on the 8th May 2013 (Your signature). The honourable Lands and Titles Court delivered the decision in favour of the facts and fai le amiotonu ma puipui measina ale matou Aiga.

 (e) We don’t need to tell you about the Fa’aolesa title. It is a suafa e pule ai Seumanutafa ma ona Suli.

 (e) In the same story, you are quoted as saying:  “Another chief has written to the Lands and Titles President asking him to re-open the case... it is now 2017.

For your information, there was no other chief - it was you who appealed the decision of the Court of 2013 quoting section 79 (1) (f) of the Lands and Titles Act 1981.

The facts are there now, let the people be the judge then.

We also want to make it very clear that Fa’aolesa Katopau Ainu’u is not a suli (heir) and never will be of the Seumanutafa family. Aua ete lagalaga ma’a – O matou o se Aiga filemu, e tumu i le fa’aaloalo, e loto maulalo ma e puipui i measina ale matou Aiga na fa’asolo mai ai tuaa le suia faavae sa matou tautua ai ma o la ma ai i totonu le lotoi o le Aiga.  E le’i taitai ona maua sou taeao i le matou Aiga sa Seumanutafa. Tulou Samoa i ou Paia ma outou mamalu!


Eleitino Michelle Meredith, 

Gregory Meredith, 

Tautualekaisa Monette 

Hill ma isi

Suli ole Suafa Seumanutafa 

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