A Messianic secret?

Dear Editor,

E faapopo a o ni aso uā, ae o lo tatou agaga fia faafetaia o le alofa tunoa o lo tatou Tapaau Sili e taga-loa e lē tatau lava ona faaititia ona o le faaopopo pea o aso folau i lo outou soifua ma lou nei ola. O lenei ua tatou toe fetapaai ai i lenei foi manatunatuga tusitusia i lenei lomiga. 

Leading on from my last piece ‘Christ died for nothing!?’ - 25 June 2016, I must admit that I am fairly surprised with the much confusion around such truth in our days. For instance the disreputable news coverage of poor Jeanine Tuivaiki (JT), (glad to note that he is a registered member of Christ Mystical Body with his baptismal name ‘Joseph’ so he will sure have a chance to enjoy heaven) sad ending of his life by Sunday Observer -19 June 2016,where Savea’s boldness at his work gets the good sense of a loving father out of him. 

Then later compare poor JT’s situation to that of our dear Lord and Savior’s willing end to his worldly life yet with limited understanding of the true cause to JT’s death – for it could well be an act of terrorism retaliating our Government’s constitutional amendment plan, is fairly unprofessional. Makes me wonder how much negative into the negative side of things poor Savea is positioning himself not to mention him caught off the cuff with their media profession. 

Now dear brethrens don’t get me wrong for I am certain, I am not a judge. But wish to be known as a willing helper lending a helping hand assisting Savea with the concern circumstances so that we all end at the right side of things with our Almighty God – EL SHADDAI. For most certainly JT’s death should never be compared to that of Jesus Christ (God the Son) -per Savea’s sassy efforts to right his fault, as Christ’s death had taken place fulfilling his Father’s - our Omnipresent God, divine purpose.

Christ serving his daddy (God the Father) perfectly to the end warranted his profound resurrection out of his worldly death and back to life. Spent 40 days with his minority group of followers before ascends back into Heaven. A truth that neither JT nor any other profound prophets of the Holy Bible even the renowned author of the Koran had gone through. 

And speaking of the Koran Mario Joseph (MJ) - Imam Sulaiman’s, a Turkish Muslim by origin, Baptismal name in receiving his Sacramental rites claims that it was the Koran itself specifically Chapter 10 verse 94 directs him to become a Christian and to the fullest of it –Catholicism, Christ Mystical Body or Christ established home on earth. Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjUXd4qW9mg. to his testimony I referred to earlier.

Read with concern our nation’s son Sonny Bill Williams (SBW) nice testimony of how he searches for peace which is alright but not good enough!  Not as good as the Stigmata phenomena on our nation’s own daughter Toaipuapuaga where now developed to another level yet there is still confusion in the air? Reminds me of that term by bible scholars ‘Messianic Secret’ referring to how Christ told the few he help not to spread much word of what happen knowing for sure that his Father’s will is fulfilling, whether we like it or not?

A classic example of such fulfilling moments was when the Incarnation timing arrives with angel Gabriel’s divine message on to the promised Blessed Virgin, “Hail, favored one! The Lord is with you.” Luke 1; 28. Where after few questions of herself then hear her humble submission, “Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord. May it be done to me according to your word.” Luke 1; 38. A truth the Islamic world is yet to accept for whatever reason, only God knows? That’s why I said SBW testimony is not good enough.

Also read with interest Mataafa’s editorial ‘Actions speak louder than words’ -29 June 2016, having a good go at poor Chairman of the National Council of Churches (NCC). But before agreeing so I wish we all are to feel blessed with Deacon Kasiano, (le Afioga Leaupepe -le paia lava lea i le Aiga Satuala, ia i laua Suafa -Aiono ma Leaupepe, afifiomai; le Tapaau Faasisina, Maupu faapea le Taauso. E puipui i ai le Falefitu ma lo latou matua ia Tauauve’a) elderly Wisdom. And I like how Mataafa took us on their journey with one of Samoa’s renowned traditional (Tofa) wisdom in our days. 

Afioga le suafa ia Leaupepe does have a point though with va-tapu (Tafatafa Maono) and va-tapuia (Tafatafa Fuga) are the core essence of our Samoa customs and tradition principles. Such truth urges the United Nations wholeheartedly agreement in allowing our Nation’s Independence in its Trusteeship Council -resolution 22, 1957 where later confirmed by the overwhelming 80+% plebiscite results 1961 supported by our nation in agreement of adopting our Samoan Custom and Traditional Principle. For it is a sure means of ‘creating Peace’ in Samoa instead of ‘maintaining peace’ means in all other independent nations of the world are doing. 

Disparage of such truth had surfaced with the introduction of Universal Suffrage in 1990. Wonder whether Leaupepe’s brother –lona uso a suafa ia, Aiono Sailele be willing enough to correct the wrong they had with the late Tofilau E. and the surviving Tupua TT Efi to name a few while they have the chance of doing so?

Say a big YES is the answer then it only proves truth couple of Samoan old sayings; 1. ‘e le po pea se nuu’ and 2. ‘a sasi uta e ao lava ona tonu tai’, for obviously our God –le Atua o Samoa ‘e logo i tino matagi lelei’, is forever ready to charge us all to his carrying on mission as ‘masters’ just like how he had the profound Apostle Paul (whom used to be that -bad a** mean, Saul) once accepting Christ’s call on himself, don’t you agree?

Come on, don’t you be mistaken by the limited understanding of those Sola Scripture scholars who blindly refer to themselves as ‘Protestant’ due to their hardened hearts? Belittling God’s exaltation of His mother -the Forever Virgin and Blessed Mary, accounted in Matthew 12; 46-50, Mark 3;31-35 and Luke 8;19-21. 

If we really think of Christ answer to his concern question, “My mother and my brothers (my sisters) are whoever who hear the word of God - my heavenly Father and act on it.” I wonder what would be your answer if I ask you, who do you think would be the best person that suits such description ‘whoever who hear the word of God-my heavenly Father and act on it’ perfectly!? 

Until we meet again next time.



Atalii fanau le au’ a le loomatua Taufusi 

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