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05 February 2016, 12:00AM

Someone special passed away on Sunday. Odessa Tafaeafe A'aone Poutoa was forty four.

She was living with her sister Adoniah at the home of their uncle Leiataua Isikuki Punivalu, and his wife Kerrie, when she died.

Odessa’s late parents were Leulua’iali’i Eric Poutoa of Levili, and Tafaeafe Savea Laloata Malifa of Afega.

She is survived by her sisters Adoniah and Nyssa, her brother Dwight and his wife Debbie, and their daughter Riley, 6.

Odessa’s funeral service was held Wednesday afternoon at the Afega parish of the Congregational Christian Church.

Later, her body was taken to the Savea family home, where she was laid to rest.

Earlier at the church service, her uncle Savea Sano Malifa, addressing Odessa’s friends, relatives and well-wishers, said these words:


On behalf of Odessa Tafaeafe Poutoa’s family here in Afega, let me say thank you very much to you all, for being here with us this afternoon to say farewell to Odessa.

 I am aware that some of those who played an important part in Odessa’s life may not be here with us today, but then that’s understandable enough.

To Sister Emanuella, who visited Odessa up to when she was bedridden, and offered her words of love and comfort, we say thank you very much Sister.

To Odessa’s doctor, Dr Malama Tafuna’i, of the National Kidney Foundation, Odessa’s friends Lorraine Williams, and Tania, we say thank you.

Thank you matriarch Bella Hellesoe, Beverley Levi, and the staff of Amanaki Hotel, for all the love and caring you’ve shown Odessa during her life.

To Teo Richard Fa’a’iuaso Tapeni, we say thank you for being there for the girls, Odessa and Adoniah, all the time they needed help.

Leiataua Isikuki Punivalu and Kerrie, your children, and the staff of the Pacific Pearl Hotel, we have no words that can describe how we feel about the way you’ve been treating these girls, as though they were truly your very own.

 Your love and kindness shown to them over the years have been exemplary, and all we can say is thank you Leiataua and Kerrie.

There is a special family though who is with us this afternoon, whose presence I feel privileged to acknowledge.

Mr Eliseo Rossi, your wife Tofu, and your children Giavanni, Kelita, Dora and Mike, for having extended your love, companionship, and kindness to Odessa during the time of your friendship, and especially during the last days of her life, today I am both honored and humbled when I say thank you.  

 I want you to know that your kindness has touched us so much, it feels as if it’ a blessing having known you.

And lastly, on behalf of Odessa’s family, I want to say thank you to all of you who are here this afternoon, for making Odessa a part of your life.

 May the love of God, be with you always.



Savea Sano Malifa. 

And family.

05 February 2016, 12:00AM
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